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The restaurant possesses two pillars: Dry Aged Beef and product-based cuisine

Dry Aged Beef – Classic and high-quality Argentine meat that undergoes a very special maturation process.

Dry aged beef is Abrasado‘s signature product. This method allows meat to age and, throughout this process, improve its flavor, color, texture and juiciness. The procedure consists in keeping the best beef cuts in a precise refrigeration system. A microclimate is created inside it: temperature oscillates between 1 and 3  °C, humidity between 50% and 70% and air circulation is controlled.

The dry maturation develops within a minimum of 30 days. The following phenomena take place:

The animal‘s lactic acid, which was generated at the moment of the slaughter, is gradually eliminated, conveying noteworthy tenderness to the cut.
The meat‘s enzymes begin to naturally dissolve its connective tissue, making its texture remarkably softer.
 Given that this is a dry ageing process, liquids evaporate and form an external layer that is later removed. This layer protects the heart of the cut, which gains intense color and exquisite flavor.

Product based cuisine

The fundamental element of our culinary philosophy is the product. Abrasado claims the excellence of its product-based cuisine. Guests can enjoy wines, meat, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and spices from our cattle farms and vineyards. The origin and traceability system of these goods guarantee our visitors will savor the true flavors and aromas of the argentine land.

Our product portfolio includes:

Three audacious wine portfolios from Mendoza‘s most expressive terroirs

Millán Meat
Barceló Rum
Laur Olive Oil
Millán Balsamic Vinegar

Abrasado‘s fundamentals –a warm atmosphere and outstanding service

We have capacity to welcome up to 160 guests

Abrasado is open for lunch and dinner
Our cocktail bar is outstanding
We possess the complete traceability system in meats, olive oil and balsamic vinegar

We are audacious, we are elegant and we enjoy hosting those who love life and pleasure. Follow Abrasado‘s world in social media:





How to Get There

Bodega Los Toneles
Acceso Este, Lateral Norte 1360
5519 Guaymallén Mendoza
+54 (0261) 4310403
-32.8949547, -68.8190065

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Opening Hours:
Morning, Lunch, Afternoon, Evening
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Languages Spoken:
English, Spanish
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Individuals Yes, Groups Yes
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