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The VDP wine estate Kühling-Gillot in Bodenheim near Mainz receives the award for Architecture and Landscapes. In the midst of the estate's historic ensemble with its art nouveau mansion and the park-like garden, the prominent pavilion accommodating the wine store is situated. Two narrow paned apertures allow the view onto the red wine barrique barrels stored directly behind. The premises dedicated to tastings, housing a bar and a lounge, offer a panorama view onto the tree-lined garden. The unrivaled wine location is elegant and distinct in form and substance. Wine, architecture and design only blend well with one another when they are perfect - such is the creed of the self-proclaimed Bodenheim-based "Steinwein-Produzenten" ("Rock Wine Producers"– referring to terroir-based wines that bring out the character of the rock and soils they grow on).

O. Fournier Winery

O. Fournier Winery

Located in the emergent Uco Valley, south of Mendoza, O.Fournier is the combination of different individual factors working together, linking architecture with functionality and winemaking process in a sustainable and effective way. Tourists love this place, thanks to the wonderful experience they can have in this amazing winery. Visitors can enjoy tastings and have lunch at URBAN, the impressive restaurant of the winery.

Quixote Winery

As the only building designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser in the United States, the space is at once iconic and awe-inspiring. It’s a rare instance where the space emits the creativity and zeal of those who crafted each meandering line—and the effect on its guests is unforgettable.

Quixote Winery is a reflection of Hundertwasser’ s belief in organic architecture—design that mimics nature and flows seamlessly into its surrounding habitat.

Château Carbonnieux

~~The remarkable architecture of Château Carbonnieux is the hallmark of one of the largest and oldest vineyards of the Bordeaux region. Founded in the 13th century by the Benedictine monks of Sainte-Croix Abbey, the estate, located on a high point of Léognan, overlooks the 95-hectare vineyard with its four large towers. Its Perigord-style architecture, quite rare in this region, hides a splendid courtyard in the heart of its fortified walls. Some personalities have left their mark here… Visitors are invited to trace the footsteps of Thomas Jefferson…


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