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Monteviejo Wine Rock

The winery was constructed in 2001 and is situated in the Clos de los Siete countryside.

The land comprises 130 hectares at between 1000 and 1200 meters above sea-level in Vista Flores, Tunuyan, 120km south of Mendoza city.

The land’s slopes face the North and East giving them better sun exposure in the Southern Hemisphere.

Museu do Douro - Museu de Território

O Museu do Douro como museu de território tem por missão a representação do património natural e cultural da Região Demarcada do Douro, consagrada com o estatuto de Património Mundial pela UNESCO. O edifício sede situa-se em Peso da Régua, resultado da reabilitação de um dos edifícios mais emblemáticos do século XVIII - a Casa da Companhia -, inaugurado em 2008.

Cavalli Wine & Stud Farm

Cavalli was born from a family’s love for Horses, Wine, Art and Cuisine.  Cavalli aims to encourage the local arts through its platforms of public sculpture spaces and a public art gallery.  Guests are surprised to find the Commercial Gallery, a hidden gem below ground. The 600 square metre art gallery has a stretched translucent ceiling backlit by LEDs, conceptualized to simulate daylight, showcasing rotating exhibitions of visiting curators, alongside a permanent exhibition of other notable works from the Cavalli Estate Private Collection.

Château Chasse-Spleen

Art, poetry and wine have blended together harmoniously at Château Chasse-Spleen for almost 2 centuries. The estate is currently home to an original collection of contemporary works of art, which are exhibited both inside and outside the château. A world of artistic surprises awaits visitors on the walk from the garden and through the barrel cellar to the tasting table. These temporary or permanent contemporary art exhibitions are set in creatively planted grounds, which include one hundred year-old trees and sculpted shrubs.


Situé au cœur d’une pastorale tranquillité de vastes parcs et terres, la ferme de Vergelegen et les constructions associées offrent une architecture intérieure retraçant 300 ans d’histoire au travers d’une exposition de trésors antiques, d’objets et de céramiques, ainsi que des œuvres majeures de la collection permanente du Musée National  Iziko. Les restaurants «Les Ecuries de Vergelegen» et «Les Camphriers de Vergelegen», exposent aussi une large palette d’artisanat sud africain qui reflète ainsi l’harmonie entre l’ancien et le contemporain.


Since 1996 “Navarro Correas Winery” became the sole Latin American and Caribbean Winery in the Diageo brand portfolio.

Awarded winery by their wines, tourism experiences and cultural events, also for their corporate social responsibility, which became one of their major pillars. 

The “Learning For Life - Tourism Project” inspires the communities to identify their strengths and encourage their development at a natural and cultural level, and transform them in sources of income for tourism.


Casa Antucura is situated besides the Andes Mountain, amidst the splendid beauty of its environment. It is truly a place to celebrate the earth and its best wines.

Casa Antucura Wine Hotel offers an experience deep in the wine country. Exquisite elegance and refined details characterize this intimate country home with the unique experience of a luxury hotel in Mendoza. From the Lodge’s eight exclusive rooms, there are majestic views across the vineyards and on to the Andes Mountains.

Vivanco Enoturismo y Experiencias

The temporary exhibitions that the Warehouse Dynasty Vivanco shelters in his(her,your) facilities as well as the itinerant exhibitions that it(he,she) takes all over the country are of a great artistic and ethnological wealth(richness). Always related to the enology, they help to spread the culture of the wine. The funds of paintings and engraved that hoards the warehouse they are the test(proof) of his(her,your) cultural bet.

Château Gravas

Wine and art in all its forms are inextricably intertwined at Château Gravas. Cultural events, musical performances, and exhibitions take place in every season: "Printemps de Gravelor", an exhibition highlighting the artists of a given country in July, a Christmas market with craftsman, etc. On a more regular basis, the works of the famous painter and sculptor Paul Flickenger have been renewed each spring.


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