Innovative Wine Tourism Experiences

Château la Rose Bellevue

Château La Rose Bellevue is located in Blaye (Côtes de Bordeaux). The owners receive visitors with genuine warmth and charm, offering wine tastings and cellar visits. The Secret Garden, an intimate and peaceful little picnic garden, with a BBQ available, overlooks pleasant views of the vineyard and the Gironde River. Innovative seafood and wine tasting cruises on the estuary of the Gironde are also offered, departing from the Citadel of Blaye, listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Bodegas Alicia Rojas

Bodegas Alicia Rojas offers a unique experience “close to nature”. Visitors will go into the knowledge of the growing of our sorrounding vineyards, and the exploration of the atlantic-mediterranean landscape, full of wild flowers, birds and savage animals, making exciting colorful walks. For a welcome relax, a visit to the cave with a commented tasting of our wines and regional food cultivated and growing in our property will make the visit unforgetable.

Treno del vino e Stazione del vino - Wine Station

The project of Winestation comes from the intuition of creating an aggregation pole around the wine world taking place in the ancient railway station Torrenieri/Montalcino. Montalcinos charm and the increasing number of wine tourists, encouraged the promoting group towards an integrate project holding the essence of the whole wine world. Both the presence of the ancient Montalcino railway station, disused for the last 20 years, and the strategic position on the Sr2 Cassia road, together with the availability of the spaces, make Torrenieri the ideal location to host a Disneyland of wine.

Bodegas Valdelana

La familia Valdelana ha cultivado sus viñedos en Elciego (Rioja Alavesa) desde el siglo XVI. La bodega está construida sobre seis calados subterráneos de piedra de sillería y una capilla o Calado de la Villa que data de 1583 y que todavía se conserva.  Los visitantes también podrán descubrir un museo etnográfico, que incluye numerosos objetos y herramientas antiguas desde la era neolítica.  En los arrededores pueden visitarse lápidas funerarias que datan del 4.500 a.c.

Bodegas Valdelana

The Valdelana Family has been farming their vineyards in Elciego (Rioja Alavesa) since the 16th century. The winery was built over six underground cut stone cellars and a chapel or Calado de la Villa dated 1583 is still sitting there. Visitors can also discover an ethnographic museum showcasing numerous objects and ancient tools from the neolitic era. In the surroundings, gravestones dating from 4 500 b.c. are still visible.


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