Innovative Wine Tourism Experiences

Daetwyl Winery

The winery Daetwyl is a classical example of a Rhine-Hessian foursided yard. Beside a medieval living tower and defense tower, a romantic "cow chapel" and a wide spread cellar vault a day laborer's house from the 19th century exists there. After numerous construction measures it now serves as a guest room and holiday house. As an intentional contrast to the historic courtyard complex a modern wine-house was built as the new core of the winery for tastings and sale of in-house wines. The winery has been awarded in the context of „barrier-free Rhineland-Palatinate“.

Three guest rooms and the holiday house for up to 8 people enable a restful wine experience.  Topical wine tastings, enjoyment packages and guided tours or the participation in the grape harvest round off the innovative oenotouristic package as a whole of the Dettweiler family.

Henschke and Hutton Vale Farm

Truth be told, the biggest asset of any region is not its produce or its landscape, it is its people. Those with a connection to the land so deep it’s an essential part of their being. In the Eden Valley, part of the greater Barossa region, this is certainly true of founding families Henschke and Angas (of Hutton Vale Farm). Their heart-felt authenticity is contagious and with their new, family-hosted offering, the Ultimate Authentic Barossa Experience, are putting the region on the world stage.

Château de Reignac

In the Entre-Deux-Mers region, the Château de Reignac offers a magical setting where a host of surprises awaits visitors. A Garden of Scents and a greenhouse designed by Eiffel stand alongside a beautiful 16th century building. In just a few years, Reignyx, the little character sketched on a notebook or photos, has become the mascot of the Chateau. Born directly from the imagination of Nicolas Lesaint, the technical manager of the estate, he follows the chateau’s daily adventures in the most enjoyable and entertaining manner but also as an acute observer of everyday life.

Bodega Renacer

Bodega Renacer

Renacer, a modern and eco-friendly wine boutique, located in Mendoza, Argentina produces premium wines and offers unique and innovative experiences to it’s many visitors


Weingut Eva Vollmer

With its seasonal offerings regarding wine, Eva Vollmer’s winery at Mainz-Ebersheim convinced the jury to bestow the award in the category Innovative Wine Tourism Experiences. Events such as wine picnics, wine and yoga, or blind wine tastings in the dark create new opportunities for any kind of taste to experience the wines of Rheinhessen in their place of origin.

Conn Creek Winery

The Conn Creek Winery Barrel Blending Experience® provides guests a rare opportunity to learn about, taste, and blend wines from the many distinctive regions that make up Napa Valley. We invite you to play winemaker for a day. Included in the experience:   

A Napa Valley AVA overview led by a wine educator 

A guided walk-around barrel tasting 

Instructions on blending techniques and strategies 

A bottle of your custom blend 

A tasting of Conn Creek's current releases


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