Innovative Wine Tourism Experiences

Creation Wines

Taking pride of place on the scenic Hemel-en-Aarde Ridge, Creation is more than a wine farm, it is a glorious destination. Among the many highlights is an exciting excursion through the vineyards and a guided tour of the modern production and maturation cellars. The welcoming ambience of the tasting venue allows for relaxed, informal tasting whilst absorbing the splendid views.

La Winery


Deuxième récompense bien méritée attribuée à l’entreprise de Philippe Raoux qui a su allier innovation, architecture, art et vin dans la création de cette boutique et son centre culturel de 1 000 m². Ce lieu original est conçu pour aider les visiteurs à identifier leur préférence en matière de vins. Le bâtiment, très contemporain, abrite un restaurant "gourmet", un bar à tapas ainsi qu'un espace réservé au théâtre, à la musique et à de nombreux événements culturels. 

La Winery


The second award given to a Philippe Raoux venture, and well deserved for his combination of architecture, art and wine; this time in the creation of a 1,000 m² wine boutique and cultural centre. This unusual space, one of the largest of its type in Europe, is designed to engage visitors with understanding their own wine preferences. The setting is highly contemporary, unusual in the Medoc, and contains a gourmet restaurant, a tapas bar and space for theatre, music and other cultural events.

Gens d'Estuaire


L’agence « Gens d’Estuaire » développe une offre de services touristiques sur l’Estuaire et les îles de la Gironde. Les prestations proposées associent navigation, loisir, culture, restauration, hébergement, dans un souci de qualité et d’authenticité. Des croisières œnologiques sont proposées de juin à septembre comprenant l’intervention de professionnels (viticulteurs, guides…) et des dégustations.

Gens d'Estuaire


The agency “Gens d’Estuaire” (Estuary People) has developed a range of tourist services on the Estuary and the islands of the Gironde. The services offered combine sailing, leisure activities, culture, gastronomy and accommodation, paying particular attention to quality and authenticity. Wine cruises are organised from June to September with the involvement of professionals (winegrowers, guides, etc.) and including tastings.

Robertson Wine Valley

The Robertson Wine Valley is a non profit organisation that was founded in 1983 by a group of farm owners in the area with the aim to promote wines of origin, Robertson as well as the region itself. To date, the Robertson Wine Valley consists of 56 members (situated in Ashton, Bonnievale, McGregor and Robertson) and plays host to four wine festivals throughout the year, ranging from boutique events, such as the Robertson Slow to the ever popular Wacky Wine Weekend.

Warwick Wine Estate

As a family owned winery, Warwick focuses on a wholesome family-friendly day out with a host of wine related experiences with acknowledged excellence in customer service. Taking the Big Five Wine Safari™ through the vineyards, having a tasting/cellar tour with educated and knowledgeable staff or sampling Gourmet Picnics™ with ingredients that are sourced locally and packaging that is environmentally friendly – guests will come away enriched by the experience.

Bodegas Muga, S.L.

Bodegas Muga was one of the first wineries in Rioja to open its doors to tourists. The attractive stone and wood building dates back two centuries, and provides visitors with a quality learning experience about the wine, and the wider context in which it is made. The cellars also contain their own cooperage, allowing visitors to learn also about the process of barrel making, so central to the Muga style of wine.

Bodegas David Moreno

In 1981 David Moreno left his job in Barcelona as an engineer to return to his home town and turn his dream of becoming a winemaker into reality. In 1988 the building work began on what was to become today’s winery, occupying an area of 17,000 m2 with 5,000 m2 of buildings. With capacity to make 2 million litres, our current sales are of a total of 850,000 bottles per year. They make a wide range of fine wines which have earned the recognition of major national and international awards.


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