Innovative Wine Tourism Experiences

IG Gartenführer in Rheinhessen

With everything from traditional farmers’ gardens, to English rose-gardens and aromatic herb gardens, Rheinhessen has an enchanting array of public spaces for visitors to explore. The Syndicate of Garden Guides Rheinhessen is the best way to discover them, with “Open Days” and “Sundays in the Garden” held throughout the year, alongside a comprehensive programme of talks, exhibitions and special events exploring this cultural heritage.

Fachwerk im Eulengarten

Ein ehemaliges Kelterhäuschen und ein Gewölbekeller bilden den unverwechselbaren Rahmen für Privatrestaurant und Kochschule. In dieser liebevoll renovierten Hofreite können sich die Gäste bekochen lassen oder selbst zu Messer und Kochlöffel greifen. Weinevents und Küchenpartys runden zusammen mit Sensorik-Seminaren, Weinlesungen, kulinarischen Events und besonderen Feierabendkochkursen das Programm ab.

Fachwerk im Eulengarten


A former winepress house and a vaulted cellar form the distinctive setting for the private restaurant and cookery school. In this lovingly renovated courtyard, guests can be cooked for or do the cooking themselves. Wine events and kitchen parties, together with sensory seminars, wine readings, culinary events and special after-work cookery courses round off the programme.

Hofgut Laubenheimer Höhe

Mitten in den Mainzer Weinbergen und doch stadtnah begrüßt das Hofgut Laubenheimer Höhe seine Gäste. Das im März 2011 eröffnete Gesamtkunstwerk baut dem Wein eine Bühne und setzt auf nachhaltigen Genuss. Lichtdurchflutet präsentiert sich das gastronomische Herzstück – die Weinbergshütte - mit bodenständiger regionaler Küche. Der Stadtbus hält gleich vor der Tür, ausreichend Parkplätze sind vorhanden. Innen und Außen gibt es viel Raum, um dem Alltag zu entfliehen und es sich richtig gut gehen zu lassen.

Hofgut Laubenheimer Höhe

Nestled among the vineyards around Mainz and yet close to the city center, the Laubenheimer Höhe Estate welcomes you. Opened in March 2011, the Estate is a work of art from start to finish, creating a setting for wine and ongoing enjoyment. Its centerpiece is the light, airy dining area, the Vineyard Hut with hearty regional fare. The city bus line stops directly at our doorstep; there is also plenty of parking. Both indoors and out, there is room to escape the cares of everyday life and to really enjoy yourself.

Bodega Atamisque


Atasmique se encuentra en los “Caminos del Vino” en el Valle de Uco. La finca de 800 ha. de parquet es excepcional con más de 300 ha. de   frutales, 70 ha. de viñedos, un campo de golf privado y hermosos lagos al pie de la Cordillera de los Andes. Los turistas viven una experiencia maravillosa visitando la bodega y degustando los vinos. El restaurante ofrece truchas criadas en la granja y frutas de la huerta de la bodega.


Bodega Atamisque

Atasmique named after native species of bush, is located in the Uco Valley on the « wine route ». The farm is exceptional with its 800 ha park planted with 300 ha fruit trees, 70 ha vineyards, a private golf course and beautiful lakes facing the Andes Mountain. Tourists live there a wonderful experience visiting the winery and tasting the wines. The restaurant offers trouts raised on the farm and fruits from the winery’s orchards

Bodega El Faráon

The decision to participate in the innovative wine tourism experience category has origin when the first Argentinean proposal was born ninety years ago, where science, technology, history, art, and wine have shared a common cultural and touristic project ahead of its time in FARAÓN brand, recognition which still remains linked to that project since 1921.

Bodega Norton

Founded in 1895, Norton is one of the oldest and most important wine estates in Argentina. Located in the hard of Lujan de Cayo, the visitor centre is a wonderful way to learn not just about this winery, but the evolution of wine-making in the country itself, from its humble beginnings to its international renown today. The visit also allows visitors the chance to enjoy the wonderful views, have a drink on the wine bar terrace, or have lunch in the gardens.

Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo Lda.

The 120 ha of Quinta Nova N. S. Carmo estate boasts a history of 250 years of Douro and Port wine production. Guests are welcomed at the estate’s Rural Hotel and they have access to grape harvests, walking trail, olive oil and wine tastings, historic spots, a shop, an olive oil mill, a wine cellar, a porch and a swimming-pool among vineyards. Guests may always enjoy good wine and the most savoury local food. At the Pinhão train station there is a Wine House comprising a shop, a terrace, a private room and a wine museum.


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