A bed with a view: the Sheraton in Mendoza

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It stands tall and proud as Mendoza’s own equivalent of the Empire State Building with the thick trunk of 180 bedrooms slimming down to the well-lit collar of the rooftop restaurant with a red crown of lights above. Yes, the Sheraton is instantly recognisable from the air.

However, walking to the Sheraton from any direction in Mendoza city, the hotel sits inconspicuously between a couple busy streets in the city centre. The sign is often covered by the leafy trees lining the road and the only giveaway is the suited and booted concierge at the top of the stairway. This is a hotel which blends into its surroundings on ground level and the restaurant, gallery and casino are amenities used just as much by locals as they are by tourists visiting.


Art fills every inch of the walls as you enter and you could spend an hour or so perusing the informal gallery which snakes around the tapas bar and reception area. Another room to explore for art lovers is the Mirador Lounge Restaurant and top floor club room, where the walls also have a colourful art display but much more sparsely arranged as this is the place for panoramic views over the city and Andes foothills in the distance. Club members can come up to enjoy the view and complimentary snacks and drinks all day and evening, and the restaurant opens each night serving regional Argentine cuisine and local wines.

Wine is also at the centre of any stay at the Sheraton. Mendoza’s vineyards are just a short drive away and the concierge can help you plan your ideal jaunt in wine country. There’s also a regular wine tasting held in the cellar of the hotel for guests to get an introduction to the local wine scene. And with its city centre location, just a few steps from what locals call kilometre 0, you’ve also got all the wine bars and restaurants within a short walk.


The Sheraton has been one of Mendoza’s most notable hotels during the last decade which is why it was no surprise it took the Great Wine Capitals award for best accommodation in Mendoza this year. While you’ll feel right at the heart of the action in the city, the sky-high view waking up in the morning reminds you just how close the mountains and vineyards of Mendoza really are - and that they are ready to be explored!