Cockburn’s Port Lodge

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Cockburn's Cellars won the 2019 Best of Wine Tourism award in the “Art & Culture” category from the Porto region. Promoted by the organisation Great Wine Capitals, the competition aims to promote wine tourism and its excellence in several cities that have important wine regions. This is the fourth time Symington has scooped this award, and the previous award-winning venues were Vinum (2014, “Wine Tourism Restaurants”), Graham's Cellars (2015, “Innovative Wine Tourism Experiences”) and Quinta do Bomfim (2017, Global Winner).

Among the arguments presented to justify our application in the category of “Art & Culture” we gave special emphasis to cooperage and the museum.

Visitors can see the coopers in their daily work, providing a scenario that has changed little over the centuries. Cockburn's helps keep the art of cooperage alive by renewing the team with new members that ensure that knowledge will be passed on to new generations.

In the museum and reception area, the artistic component is present in the original 19th century watercolours and drawings by Baron de Forrester and the more than 100-year-old ceramic sculpture of an ox cart carrying Port Wine by master Teixeira Lopes. The museum features documents revealing the brand's history and the pioneering research work of the Douro varieties carried out by one of Cockburn's - and Port Wine’s - legendary figures, John Henry Smithes. An original letter dated from December 1817, written by founder Robert Cockburn, is also part of the exhibit.

Text and Photos by Cockburn's

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