Could it be the most beautiful road in the world? Could it be?

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This article by Carlos Janeiro was a participant in the 2015 Guest Bloggers' Program sponsored by the Great Wine Capitals Global Network.


Let me begin this post with a warning. Not usual but I believe very important. Beware! You only have 27 kilometers between Régua and Pinhão but this little trip might take you more than one week to complete.

Now that I have your attention let me explain why I had to do it. Many times I have taken this road and always had to stop several times because I just could not resist taking some pictures of the amazing landscape that Douro has to offer us in this small track. Along this couple of kilometers the road goes right up to the Douro River. So close that you can stop and just by walking some steps easily touch the water.

On top of the road

Wonderful view, low traffic and all the aromas in the air make this a unique moment. I just cannot resist. I always take a lot of time going from Régua to Pinhão. So, just by the sightseeing, you will see yourself stopping and stopping all the way until your destination.

Take photos or, like I sometimes do, just stare into the blessed amazing landscape. Breathless! But this is only part of the journey.

In the other side of the road you have Douro wine producers, you have enotourism offer, you have some local restaurants and tascas and you have vineyards so close to you as the water of Douro River.

Suddenly you realize that you are on the best spot of the planet if you are a winelover, foodie or lifestyle lover. Suddenly it sounds like the perfect place to spend a week or two knowing the vast list of wine producers that offers you some top enotourism.

In just 27 kilometers you can find some great offers from some wine producers like Quinta de Marrocos, Quinta do Tedo, Quinta do Pôpa, Quinta do Pégo, Quinta das Carvalhas or even, if you are into to food too, the Restaurant DOC from the Chef Rui Paula among many other producers and local gastronomy.

What else can you ask for?

Entering Pinhão

Avis recently rated this road as the best of the world. Could it be? Don’t believe a word they say, feel free to come and check for yourself.

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