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Text by José Silva

Francisco Montenegro is a Douro winemaker dedicated to his favourite activity, which is to produce wine. What he has been doing during all his professional life, and so well. After producing wines in several Douro producers, he created his own brand, Aneto. That has been asserting itself in the market as a holder of quality wines, between whites, rosés and red wines. And it's also probably one of the best late harvests on the market.

But Francisco Montenegro also wanted to have a shop to advertise his wines, where they could also be tasted, enjoyed and bought. And he chose Régua as the place where he would invest for that purpose.

It was not hard to find the right venue in the building of the old railway warehouses, where already existed some establishments connected to the restaurant and wine sector. Once the space was approved the only thing left was to choose its concept, and here some doubts and uncertainties arose, until he thought of his sister-in-law, of Russian origin but living a few years in Portugal and who cooked really well. They quickly agreed and decided, Francisco and his wife, that they would open a restaurant where their wines could be advertised, tasted and sold. They contacted an architect from Coimbra who was already renowned for his work, and hence the restaurant was born, and of course its name is none other than Aneto.

The wine list has the particularity of only having wines of the same name (Aneto), except with the Port wines, since Francisco Montenegro does not yet produce this nectar from the Douro Valley. Here the choice fell on some wines from the Port of Quinta da Casa Amarela, Niepoort and Vasquez de Carvalho.

A modern decor with lots of wood to give a cosy atmosphere, full of light, a high ceiling and a very charming mezzanine with a few more tables. The view overlooking the Régua railway station is something.

Two large balconies, one displaying fruit and a smaller third balcony connecting to the kitchen. Minimalist tables with quality glass cups as you would expect. A very friendly service, impeccable, flawless. They serve a very tasty regional bread, two types of butter and well-seasoned olives.

The menu is always changing but there may be pea soup with croutons, ham, charcuterie and cheese board, veal carpaccio with pink pepper and rocket and parmesan salad, filo pastry alheira, sweet-and-sour puff pastry with a Aneto rosé, wild game meat alheira wrapped in puff pastry with applesauce and cashew nuts and a few more starters that can also be used for snacking, which in itself can be a great meal.


The main dishes are where we can enjoy codfish Aneto style or codfish risotto with poached egg. Pork sirloin stuffed with nuts and mushrooms and chestnuts puree, duck rice, veal steak with fresh mushrooms, mashed potatoes and mixed salad or even Tournedos Rossini with tomatoes Provençale. In addition to the very varied range of fruit, the dessert has several in-house sweets such as pumpkin cake with almond, chocolate cake with a shot of red berries and vodka, crème brûlée and fig tarts, among other choices. The wines are, of course, Aneto, and can also be enjoyed by the glass, outside mealtimes, in a friendly wine bar service.

An excellent service in a very inviting space, right there in Régua ...

Aneto & Table was the regional winner of the "Restaurant" category of the 2018 Best of Wine Tourism awards.



Store & Restaurant

Armazém Estação Régua | Loja B1, 
Peso da Régua 5050-280 

+351 254 323 120 

[email protected] 

Photos by Aneto & Table and António Barros