Elderton – Barossa is home and family

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There are not a lot of places in the world, let alone wineries, which are as inviting as Elderton in the Barossa. As soon as I walked in the door I just wanted to find a spot on one of the beautiful couches to curl up next to the fire with a glass of delicious Shiraz. I felt like I walked into the home of a favourite auntie and was about to experience the best bit of family time. I think I picked up the vibe of this location perfectly - family seems to be the magic word, and the Elderton Ashmead family makes sure you feel like part of theirs.

Only two years ago the cellar door moved from a small cottage to the family homestead where it is currently located. It means cellar door is truly the heart of the property and a full package deal by being closely surrounded by vineyards and the winery. The beating heart of the property has all sorts of perks to offer to the Commanders – the most loyal supporters of Elderton. My choices if I were a Commander? I would settle down in winter with some friends in the warm and sunny private Commander room to enjoy a nice cheese platter with a bottle of Cabernet. Summer would probably see me bring my bathers up to the Barossa for a cooling dip and a nice glass of rose. Luckily you could go for a relaxing swim in the pool before your complimentary stay in the Elderton guest house.

The Elderton estate surrounded by vineyards

However, you do not have to be an Elderton Commander to be given the royal treatment. Next time I make my way up to Nuriootpa I will definitely walk in for a little tasting, or maybe book in a chocolate and wine pairing. The best part about Elderton however is the fact that the importance of family and provenance did not affect the grandeur of their wines. Producing award winning and internationally renowned wines are the first and foremost driver for Elderton and just a quick look into their prize cabinet (well, their wine cellar) shows they work hard to keep that the core of the business.

A couple of beautiful maps on the wall of the tasting room also remind visitors that Elderton is very aware of its location and spot in the world of wine, as well as in South Australia. They are very proud to be part of the Barossa landscape. Barossa is home and family, but they are happy to showcase the best of it to the rest of the world. While the bottles with prized wine can be shared globally, for the full experience you really need to make a trip to Nuri to feel the connection to the geography of the Elderton family.

And while you are there, maybe think about becoming a Commander. I mean, who does not like a deal that comes with a tennis court, swimming pool and delicious wine?  

Elderton was the 2019 South Australian winner of the Best Of Wine Tourism award for Wine Tourism Services.