Everything You Need to Know About Hot Air Ballooning in Napa Valley

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Napa Valley Balloons Inc., the 2017 Best of Wine Tourism winner for Services, is Napa Valley’s oldest balloon company with well over 23,000 hours of flight experience. They are here to help with some of the most commonly asked questions about ballooning:

What time can you fly in a hot air balloon?

All Napa Valley hot air balloon companies launch just after dawn when the winds are at their calmest and the temperatures are the coolest. Floating up in the air as the golden California sunshine spreads across the valley will take your breath away.

How many people are in a balloon basket?

Most balloon companies can accommodate 8 to 20 passengers in one basket or a private flight just for two.

How long does the experience last?

Flights typically last about one hour. But because there are so many variables in ballooning, you should count on about 3-½ to 4 hour commitment. This includes check-in, balloon inflation, the flight, pack-up, transportation back from the landing site, and a some companies offer a sit-down breakfast afterwards.

With Napa Valley Balloons Inc. your flight is celebrated with Napa Valley’s finest sparkling wines at Domaine Chandon’s Etoile restaurant. Our delicious American style post-flight breakfast will fill you up and prepare you for the rest of your day’s adventure.

What happens if the weather is bad?

Hot-Air Ballooning is an activity contingent to weather. All flights are subject to cancellation because of unsafe flying conditions. If you're planning a special occasion keep this in mind. Always have a plan B for your itinerary. Weather decisions are made 1 hour prior to check-in the morning of your flight.


Cinematic Napa Valley by Hot Air Balloon - 4k from Mark Ledford on Vimeo.