The first "Best Of Club" encounter took place at the 2013 global winner "Maison des Vins de Cadillac"

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The “Best Of Club” Bordeaux is an informal association that gathers recent and former Great Wine Capitals Best Of Wine Tourism Award Winners of the Bordeaux region. The Club assembles laureates of the current year and those from the past two years, to get together in order to share information and expertise, to exchange experiences and ideas and to participate in several promotional activities. In a six weeks rotation the members meet and discuss a particular changing topic in the pleasant and friendly ambiance of their own properties.

Some of the canapes served during the meeting


On Thursday the 13th of December, the 2013 laureates and new members of the “Best Of Club” had their first reunion which took place on the grounds of this year’s Global Award Winner, the “Maison des Vins” in the placid village of Cadillac, located in the south of the “Entre-Deux-Mers” region, close to the city of Bordeaux.

The morning session, starting at 09:30h, functioned as an introduction round where every attending laureate had the chance to present him- or herself and to give an overview of the projects and achievements they have been awarded for.


The 2013 winners discussing the topics presented at the meeting


The following presentation of the Great Wine Capitals Best Of Tourism Award, its goals, projects and achievements, was given by Catherine Leparmentier Dayot, Permanent Secretary of the Network. She was thereby representing the International Tourism Office of the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which animates and organizes each “Best Of Club” meeting, with the objective to serve the Network’s global Mission: to heighten the wine experience for everyone by sharing expertise and ideas with the goal to improve the local wine tourism appearance. The presentation ended with an open question addressed to the laureates and led into a vivid discussion of how to promote and include the status of a Best Of Award Winner into the strategy and the daily workflow of each awarded Château, Association or Organization. Acquaintanceships were deepened and conversations or discussions continued during a delightful lunch, where regional delicacies were offered on a buffet, accompanied by a selection of white and red wines offered by the hosting appellation.

Tasting of wines from the host region

This first 2013 “Best Of Club” Meeting ended with the visit of the adjoining Wine Museum as part of the “Maison des Vins”, where the members were invited to appraise this 2013 Global Award winning location. The Museum offers space and innovative facilities, so that guests of all ages are able to experience the winemaking process in an educating and interactive way.