Impressed With “Farm To Table Concept” of Toscana Restaurant

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 Impressed With “Farm To Table Concept” of Toscana Restaurant- So Many Tempting Dishes on the Menu

Tuscan cuisine and especially Florentine cuisine is one of the famous cuisines in the world. In addition to traditional recipes and dishes known everywhere even with their Italian name (e.g. "ribollita"), many people are unaware of its specialties. Due to my profession I had to travel worldwide, couple of months back I landed in Dublin, where I ate at various restaurants. To begin with I must acquaint you with the fact that my home town is in Italy and my forefathers are from San Gimignano.

So with my upbringing I had a special affinity towards Italian cuisine. As I started my adulthood I began to realize that Tuscan food is just incomplete without good wines from Italy. I feel that Tuscan wines possess an artistic legacy and a permanent influence on high culture.

So whereever I travel I always look for Tuscan foods along with the best wine, as I was saying that due to my profession I had to move to nearly every part of the world. A few months back I took my  family to Dublin as it’s a good destination for a family trip.

However we came across an Italian restaurant, and I was highly impressed with their farm to table concept of serving their popular Tuscan dishes, Although I tasted from various restaurants, at some point of time I found that fresh lunch and supper, were missing during the course of my trip. However this regret got pacified when I visited Toscana restaurant in Dublin who are serving their customers with 70% of their own farmhouse produce.


Dee Bucetti growing his own produce for Toscana Restaurant

With lunches and dinner for several days I had a chance to converse with their head chef Suzi Michael, from whom I came to learn a few Italian recipes which are just awesome when served with true Italian wine.  I have also come to know that with such a concept which Toscana Restaurant believes is automatically creating a natural demand for their food in that region.

So today I’d thought that I’d talk about what we ate, as well as one of the foods that Tuscany is famous for. Here is my recipe which I tried to prepare at home after taking proper guidance from Suzi Michael:

Grilled chicken salad


4 pieces of boneless chicken

2 tablespoons lemon juice

2 tablespoons olive oil

2 teaspoons lemon pepper

2  medium sliced onions

4 large chopped mushrooms

1 cup mayonnaise

hot sauce to taste

salt and pepper to taste

Step 1 : Marinate

Place boneless chicken in a plastic bag with lemon juice, lemon pepper and olive oil. Shake well and marinate for 1 hour in the refrigerator.

Step 2: Grilling

Apply oil on the grill after preheating then place onions and mushrooms on it . Cook until they get grilled on both sides .Then discard the marinade and cook chicken for 15 minutes, making sure both sides are grilled well. Then remove from heat and keep for cooling.

Step 3 : Preparing Salad

Chop the grilled chicken and mix with onions, mushrooms, mayonnaise, hot sauce and then sprinkle salt and pepper.  Refrigerate it until serving.

Incidentally this recipe got a favorite dish from my 7 year old daughter Martha, I, in fact like the grilled chicken salad now because it's very healthy for my family.

Amarone wine

Along with the recipe that I furnished above, although it’s my personal opinion I will give as many star to amarone wine, although it’s not from Tuscany.

Actually it goes with dishes made with grilled meat. You can say it adds taste to Italian food and cuisine.

Amarone can be used with dishes of Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine. It has a distinct flavor that makes it one of the top-selling wines in the world. Considering its worldwide popularity, it is a favorite of most of the wine aficionados. For ones who are about to taste the wine for the first time, they can find it little strong. However, its distinct taste is soon to appeal to the taste buds of the first-time drinkers.

I enjoyed my drink on every visit to Toscana Restaurant. The staff is fabulously friendly and provides good service.

About The Author : Andy Steven is an avid reader and traveler. He takes a keen interest in European cuisines. In this article, he talks about the exquisiteness of Italian foods and his latest experience from Toscana Restaurant.