Hello Yeatman Hotel, Goodbye Porto

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This post, by Paris-based but Porto-born journalist Patricia Tavares, is a participant in the 2014 Guest Bloggers' program sponsored by the Great Wine Capitals Global Network.

Porto with a view

"I didn ́t ask to be Portuguese. I just got LUCKY!"

Oporto has a happy sadness. Douro River drowns every tear in wine barrels. Porto is the corner space marked as “GO” in this board game of immigration. Every time one of us lands on or passes over, we earn €200 in lifetime memories. Porto holds a monopoly of happiness. Porto holds the corkscrew. Porto holds you in its River ́s arms. Pass “GO”. Take a chance and return to this Promised Land.

Muy nobre e Sempre Leal Cidade Invicta (The very noble and Loyal Unconquered City)

On my last day in Porto before heading to France, Mr. Yeatman invited me for a glass of Port by the river. Serving a glass of Port is a sure way to impress a date. The glass was tulip-shaped, my favorite flower. What a subtle way of buying me flowers Mr Yeatman. I couldn ́t refuse. The Port was old and wise. He knew how to speak to a girl ́s heart. Every girl looks forward a sweet drink with a fortified personality. He whispered in my lips that if I wanted to age like the vintage wine I should understand that the number of years are important if you consider yourself a fine wine. That I should learn how to mature in my own bottle. My lips turned red. I could certainly tell that he knows his bottles. Since that day I ́ve started popping mine.

Douro Balcony.  Porto.  Yeatman Hotel

The wine must be old, the cellars cool and the cities warm. Porto will tell you a full-bodied story full of grapes. A story secretly stored for ages in the cellars of Vila Nova de Gaia. Go down the river where the wine flows. Enter this fortified city with a fruity aroma and a Vintage spirit.

Welcome to Porto. One last day, a thousand memories.

P.S. Dear Porto,

Of course I didn ́t forget you. You ́ve carved my character in granite. You taught me your language and how to swear in your perfect accent. You taught me how to work. You're a gray city with a pink soul. The Church of Lapa shelters the heart of King Peter IV. The King left his heart in Porto. Me too.

Caudalie Vinothérapie ®Spa/Yeatman Hotel

All photos © Patricia Tavares.

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