In the heart of Casablanca Valley, just 50 minutes from Santiago city, is “Estancia El Cuadro”, founded in 2009, with 750 hectares, an enormous house of 2.400 square meters, and one of the main wine tourism centers. This vineyard offers classical music concerts, guided visits that tell the history of the wine museum, represented by wooden figures carved by hand, performances of dancing and folklore, a garden of grapes with 26 vine varieties, part of the educational tour, and an exhibition of barrels painted by students from schools of Casablanca town.

Quinta da Boeira, a magnificent estate in Vila Nova de Gaia, across the douro from Porto, is a lovingly restored 19th century estate built by a Portuguese man who emigrated to Brazil.  Today it is a center devoted to remembering the Portuguese ships that sailed the seven seas in voyages of discovery, to wine and to art.

Exciting evenings are programed on the rooftop of the City Hall of Mendoza, offering a unique combinaison between wine and music. Regional wines and local musicians mingle showing how certains melodies and chords can enhance the flavor of different varieties of wine. Each musical genre is carefully selected based on the varietals to be tasted...

It it all started in 1984 with the 140th birthday of the Jean Buscher winery in Bechtheim. In that year, the basilika of Bechtheim was renovated, and church painter Hermann Gottried fell in love with the Buscher wines. His drafts and pictures for church windows were the first works of art that made their way into the Buscher wine cellar. "We didn't have a clue what we were doing", reminisces Senior Jean Michael, "but the visitors were enthralled."...

Delaire Graff Estate offers an incredible path between art, culture and wine; the owner, Laurence Graff believes wine has a unique relationship with art. The Cape Town | Cape Winelands global Best Of Wine Tourism 2016 winner offers the visitors an extraordinary private art collection.

Jamieson Ranch Vineyards believes wine has a unique relationship with music and art. The 2016 regional winner of a 'Best Of Wine Tourism' award for Art & Culture from San Francisco|The Napa Valley shows the work of ten influential street artists.

Casa Mirador at Viña Casas del Bosque, a stunning design by architect Matías Zegers, offers a perfect view of the Casablanca Valley.

Eva Eppard, chef at the Restaurant Kupferberg in Mainz, 2016 winner of a regional 'Best Of Wine Tourism' award in the Restaurant category, boldly reinterprets the cuisine of the region using high quality, locally sourced produce that is imaginatively paired with the best wines from the Rheinhessen.

In the middle of the building, in an inner courtyard of a farm cleverly transformed into a hotel by architect Fernando Coelho, something immediately caught my eye. On the roof, covered with a huge skylight which lit the common spaces magnificently, hung an enigmatic sculpture in a chaotic scene that was impossible to ignore...

It’s no surprise that O Fournier was selected as Great Wine Capital’s winner for winery architecture last year - it represents the fearless innovation and remarkable character that is shaping up Mendoza’s wine industry today.

By Amanda Barnes


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