From Porto…for a sailboat. In a special scenario, with "Douro à Vela"

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This post, written by Rita Branco, participated in the 2014 Guest Bloggers' Program sponsored by the Great Wine Capitals Global Network.

My last visit to the Douro Valley finished with splendor!

Me and my hosts, António Pinto and Rui Almeida from “Douro à Vela”, Francisco Abrunhosa from “A Casa de  Gouvães”, Lina and Catia Goncalves from “Quinta dos Santos Padres”,  (missing only Manuel Monteiro from “Casa D'Agua”), we explore the grandiosity of the Douro Wine Region ...

Picnic on board with product and wines of the region

And I say that closed with splendor, because we were literally in the Douro, navigate the river in Libertu's sailboat,from "Douro à Vela" ...

Sail the Douro in Libertu's, is very special. It is a unique and exclusive tour option. Give us the freedom of being alone with our group of friends and family.

Provides various types of programs, from a 1 hour ride, or tours with stops to visit on farms and lunch, or picnic and drinks on board, and even the use of the sailboat for a romantic dinners for 2.
A super personalized service. The Libertu's sailboat is a 10,50 meters, with capacity for 12 people + 2 crew. The shipping pier is in Folgosa from Douro, and the navigation zone is between Pinhão and Bagauste. And the scenery is nothing less than wonderful Douro Valley ... indescribable!

The Douro Valley

António Pinto and Rui Almeida, the skippers, keep everything under control ... Visitors need only enjoy the scenery ... ... You may also command the sailboat too ... How about a picnic with products and wines of the region on board? I  said... it was special.                                                                                                                                

But do not stop there. The "Douro à Vela" also provides ground services, they have a car with 7 seats for 6 passengers and a driver for the Douro tours, visits to the Farm, Viewpoints and Historical Monuments, visits to the main towns of the region, with typical lunches,  transfer service for accommodation,  train station and airport. Again, all customized ...
Rui Almeida is a connoisseur of the Douro region, also speaks English, French and Spanish and is  an excellent guide to show us all the wonders of Douro, on roads that only someone who was there knows and brings us the sights awesome. The Douro at our feet ...

This World Heritage Site, which I call the sanctuary of wine, is just 100 kms from Porto! It is a privilege! And no photos or videos that are able to describe the beauty and immensity of the place. Only those who will ... know. If you come visit Porto have to book a day or two to know the wine producing region of Porto and the Douro. And for those who live in Porto, this tip is more of a quick getaway.

Infomations: Douro à Vela

Photo credits:  O Porto encanta

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