Sharing life and wine between glasses

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Entre Copas or ‘between glasses’ is where most of the fun in wine happens. Between a couple glasses of wine one evening with a friend; over a romantic glass or two of sparkling wine on a date; or over a cheeky glass of wine at lunch with a colleague. It is between the glasses where conversation happens and personal connections form, and that’s exactly the ethos behind the Entre Copas event at the Sheraton’s Mirador restaurant in Mendoza, Argentina.

On a large, communal table, wine lovers (both local and tourists) unite for a sit-down dinner over wine - hosted by the winemaker. In the same way that it is a special, and rare, occasion to sit down to dinner with the chef that made your meal, an opportunity to sit down and drink wines with the winemaker is an experience to remember.

Each month a winemaker comes to the table with a selection of their top wines, which are artfully paired with a five course menu on the rooftop restaurant. At the Sheraton, which homes a large collection of works by local artists, culture is always on the menu too and so the night often kicks off with live music over a welcome cocktail where guests can enjoy music, art and the panoramic views over the city.

When it comes to taking a seat, the candlelit table is laid on with glistening stemware ready for a wine paired menu during which the winemaker introduces each wine and the stories and anecdotes that surround it. Winemakers come from wineries both big and small and have included boutique producers like Carola Tizio from Vincentin Wines, Eduardo Soler from Ver Sacrum and winemaking duo Teresita Barrio and Cristian Moor from Moor Barrio Wines, through to some of Argentina’s best known winemakers who have carved an almost legendary status over their long careers including Mariano di Paola, Roberto de la Mota and Walter Bressia.

Whomever is gracing the table and pouring their wines, this intimate evening has become a popular fixture in the social calendar of Mendoza and the unique wine experience these dinners offer incoming tourists to the city is what propelled it forward to win the Great Wine Capitals Award to Wine Tourism Services 2018.

The tag line, ’Life stories told over one large table’, is fitting. In a wine capital like Mendoza, this is where life and conversation happens - between glasses.


Written by Amanda Barnes

Twitter: @amanda_tweeter

Instagram: @amanda_wine