Ten things that only the city of Porto can teach you

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This post, by Alexandra Fula Pinto, participated in the 2014 Guest Bloggers Program sponsored by the Great Wine Capitals Global Network.

Recently, The New York Times payed high compliments to our city, Porto, which are all true and long overdue, in my opinion.

Full of life and wisdom, Porto mixes the old and the new generation quirks and has a soul of their own. I know Porto by heart. I know its scents and flavors from the fresh baked bread to the last week still-on-the-counter pastry that you absolutely need to shove down your throat before going home at 4.00 p.m.

Porto is home. So, I'm going to share the 10 things that you can only learn from Porto:

1. Learn the proper way to eat a Francesinha and be a man about it.
The Francesinha is a traditional dish with a large beef between two slices of homemade bread, an egg, sausage, all of that drenched in heated cheese. Your heart will beat fast, if you don't pass out you'll be fine, continue eating. Nhamy.

2. How to tolerate cold water at the beach.
Yeah, we have sunny skies and we have amazing beaches that will make go insane but, yes, the water is so cold that will make your chest hair grow two inches. Welcome to the Atlantic, baby.

3. Women in Porto know how to stand up for themselves.
Porto has beautiful ladies that can smell fear. When talking to one be polite, above all, otherwise...you might get slapped.

4. Master the art of getting by.
After spending a little more time in the city, you'll find out that the people here they got one thing down: no matter how hard the situation you're in is, one way or another, they know that they'll get by.

5. There is a way to get beggars off you back.
Porto is a small town, sooner or later you're going to figure out that the beggars all know each other and usually even work together and better, they have a big boss. Once you've figure out who it is, make friends, buy him a hot-dog and you'll never be bothered again.

6. Hot dogs (with fries and every sauce known to man) are the best thing to eat at 3.00 am.
Sit anywhere on the pavement and just munch on it.

7. People will come up to you, deal with it.
Porto's people are special, they just wanna get to know you and will, without shyness or awkwardness, approach you for a number of silly reasons. Bottom line: they like to get to know new people. Don't be scared, be nice.

8. South is a deadman's land.
Say no to all things past the river Douro. Yep, not cool. Lisbon? Where is it? You've never heard of it.

9. The Name is Porto, not Oporto.
Your name is Peter, not Opeter.
Your name is Rita, not Orita.
You get the point.

10. There's never a dull moment here.
 People get bored everywhere but here. There's always somewhere to be, something to do and someone to see.

So come to Porto, get ready to fall in love and never leave. Porto has a way of stealing people hearts and rarely gives them back.

Porto is a mystery city. (Credit:  Pinterest via Tiama Hd Fowler)

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