Three Generations of Women Create Innovative Experiences at Bodegas Bohedal

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The most heartwarming moment at the 2019 Bilbao-Rioja ‘Best Of Wine Tourism’ awards ceremony was the standing ovation given to three women from Bodegas Bohedal for their innovative wine tourism program. Three generations of women not only run the winery but have created experiences that perfectly define the family’s passion for wine, with a feminine touch and great attention to detail.

The Bohedal story began in 2000 when Leire Tejada’s grandmother inherited vineyards in Briñas in Rioja Alta.  Leire’s father had studied winemaking and had worked for many years at a Rioja winery, so the family decided to make and sell the wine from those vineyards. 

The family’s interest in wine tourism grew from attending FITUR, a tourism fair with PROVIR, a family winery association in Rioja.  Bohedal decided to focus their brand image on the women’s passion for nature, arts and crafts and their wine tourism program on creative experiences based on holidays and the grapegrowing and winemaking process in the winery.

Patchwork that is the basis for Bohedal's brand image

The winery celebrates Valentine’s Day with a wine tasting and four spicy tapas. The Easter week event features ‘rosquillas’ (biscuits) that are dipped in ‘zurracapote’ (a wine-based drink typical in the Rioja region).  Father’s Day is organized with a wine and paté tasting and on Mother’s Day there’s a ‘wine and flowers’ event.

Special events include the Bohedal Blume experience that features the story of the three generations of women who run the winery and includes three wines and tapas.

Children are not left out at Bohedal.  While parents visit the winery, children participate in creative workshops where they can design a label painted with wine, try grape juice and have a snack.

An interesting activity for wine lovers is the barrel tasting experience where participants learn about the oak barrels used to age Bohedal wines as well as taste the same wine aged in three different types of oak. 

Blanca, daughter of the founder and mother of the youngest member of the family, defines the winery’s tourism philosophy simply but eloquently: “It’s our passion; we live it.”

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