Tradition & Innovation at Quinta da Avessada

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With 160 years of existence, Quinta da Avessada still keeps alive the old traditions and legacy of the ancestors, conveying it, however, with a twist of modernity.

It was the first Quinta (wine producing farm) in the region to plant a Moscatel Galego (Muscat) grape variety and, consequently, to produce the famous Moscatel de Favaios, named after the small village where it is located, right in the heart of the Douro region.


The secular warehouse, featuring the traditional architecture of this wine region, was requalified for tourism purposes and turned into the Enoteca – an interactive museum offering a playful and dynamic route that portrays the history and culture of the vineyards and wine, and the local way of life, traditions and customs.

The guided visit is enriched by ethnographic representations, photographic memories and digital screens, stimulating the visitors’ senses, thus leading them to better understand the unique “modus vivendis” of the region. 


At Quinta da Avessada, it’s also possible to enjoy a traditional lunch, which is truly a journey through the products and flavours of the region, namely the veal loaf stewed in red wine or the D. Antónia soup, prepared in a 3 legged iron pot, all this accompanied with an incredible story.

Luís Barros, the owner and an amazing story teller, hosts visitors with his welcoming smile, involving everyone in a travel in time, while the lunch is served .


Quinta da Avessada also plays a very important role on the village social and economic development as it promotes guided visits to several attractions related with the village history and culture, including the Cooperative Wine Cellar of Favaios, the Museum of Bread and Wine, and the centenary artisanal bakeries.

This is a unique experience as visitors are invited to interact with the locals’ way of life, by observing and participating in their activities, such as baking (and tasting!), in a wood oven, the typical 4 corner bread, which recipe is passed on from generation to generation.


Besides that, Quinta da Avessada offers several other experiences designed for visitors to get a closer touch with the tradition of this wine producing village, such as the harvest program or the wine tasting showcasing the nectars produced in the region.


Their wine tourism offer was awarded Best Of Wine Tourism 2020, in innovative wine tourism experiences category, thus confirming the title awarded by Great Wine Capitals, in that same category, in 2011.