Upper Douro Wine Festival - Porto Wine Tasting

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This article, submitted by Porto-based blogger Francisco Brito, participated in the 2014 Guest Bloggers' program sponsored by the Great Wine Capitals Global Network.


A memorable Port tasting was led by Luiz Antunes of Wine Magazine (http://www.revistadevinhos.pt), with the presence of João Nicolau de Almeida, David Guimaraens, Jorge Rosas and Matthew Nicolau de Almeida.

The event began with the presentation of five wines from Porto Ramos Pinto, four single varietal vintages from 1983 and a blend of vintage 1983. It was very interesting and instructive to verify the potential of each variety and how they complement each other, forming a single final product with all the potential offered by each variety.

It soon became evident by the different colors of each wine that each variety has evolved differently in the bottle.

Ramos Pinto Vintage 1983 Tinta Roriz

Limpid color, pink, salmon, fruity aromas, raisins, elegant, harmonious, fresh and persistent.

Ramos Pinto Vintage 1983 Touriga Franca

Limpid color, pale ruby, fruity aroma, blackberries, floral, roses, touches of honey, caramel, body, great ending.

Ramos Pinto Vintage 1983 Tinta Barroca

Medium ruby color, the aromatic exhuberance of fleshy fruits, cherries, raspberries, soft tannins.

Ramos Pinto Vintage 1983 Touriga Nacional

Ruby color, concentrated berry fruit aromas, floral, resinous, intense in the mough, delicate tannins, lively, fresh, long, good persistence.

Ramos Pinto Vintage 1983

Brick color, aromas of fruit, black fruit jam, cocoa and caramel in the mouth and of a persistent and powerfully velvety mouthfeel and very soft, elegant tannins, fresh and ample.

Then the following Port wines were presented and tasted:

Quinta do Vesuvio Vintage 2004

Purple color with a purple edge, intense aroma of black fruit, cocoa, chocolate.  The mouth like the nose:  lush, dense, black fruit, cocoa and a final sensation of chocolate, classy and a high end persistence.

Vesuvio http://www.symington.com

Dow’s Senhora da Ribeira Vintage 2004

Purple, black ink, opaque, floral aroma, spices and very nice blackberry compote, dry in the mouth, very elegant tannins, ample, blackberry sensation with a lingering finish and feel of chocolate.

Dow’s  http://www.dows-port.com

Taylor’s Quinta de Vargelas Vintage 2004

Purple, violet floral aroma, spices, pepper, cocoa and chocolate, soft in the mouth, black fruit, blackberry, silky tannins, smooth, good persistence.


Taylor’s  http://www.taylor.pt/pt

Taylor’s Quinta de Vargellas Vintage Old Vine 2004

Opaque purple color, intense aromas of black fruit, blackberries, floral violets, very wide range of sensations in the mouth – sense of explosion of fruit, powerful tannins, freshness and ending with a pleasant dryness, cocoa, great length.

http:// www.taylor.pt/pt/catalogo/vintage/vinho-do-porto/vargellas-vinha-velha/2004-vargellas-vinha-velha/

Taylor’s  http://www.taylor.pt/pt

Cockburn’s Quinta dos Canais Vintage 2009

Purple, opaque, intense fruity aroma of wild berries, blackberries, blueberries, with a violet floral, balsamic.  In the mouth mature and elegant tannins, intense fruit, some spice with a very nice, long finish, good length.

Cockburn’s http://www.cockburn’s.com

Quinta do Grifo 2011 Vintage

Purple, floral aroma, balsamic, some chemical, fruity, wild black fruit in the mouth, fresh, elegant tanins, fruity finish and good length.

Rozès http://rozes.com.pt

Quinta do Vale Meão 2011 Vintage

Purple, deep, intense floral nose, rock rose, orange blossom, violet, recalls the aromas of walking through a field.  In the mouth an engaging taste of chocolate, elegant, ample tannins, freshness, rie black fruit, some mineral and excellent length.

Quinta do Vale Meão  http://www.quintadovalemeao.pt

Duorum 2011 Vintage

Dark purple color, opaque floral aroma, mixed rock rose and rosemary, fruity, black fruit, blackberries, balsamic.  Great length, black fruit, ripe tannins, elegant, harmonious and freshness.

Duorum  http://www.duorum.pt

Quinta do Vesuvio Capela Vintage  2011

Purple, dark, opaque violet floral aroma, spices, peppers and wild black fruit, some cedar or pine.  In the mouth intense, powerful, concentrated, dense and balsamic with beautiful acidity, long finish with black fruit, blackberry with hints of chocolate, great length.

Vesuvio  http://www.symington.com

A suberb flight of wines, powerful, elegant, showing the potential of the region and the wines of Porto.

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