The Vineyards of Bernard Magrez or how to discover the French « Art de Vivre »

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This post, submitted by 'Arsène Bacchus', is a participant in the 2015 Guest Bloggers' Program sponsored by the Great Wine Capitals Global Network.

The one who is called the 40 castles man, Bernard Magrez, should also be named the « King of the French wine tourism » because of his leadership in this field. Certainly, we could highlight a particular winery, as Fombrauge, La Tour Carnet or even Pape Clément or Haut Peyraguey, but what is interesting concerning Bernard Magrez vineyards it is to study them as a whole.  Indeed, this patiently built kingdom based on wine, praised the French “art de vivre”.

Blessed is the one who think that at Magrez Kingdom the wine tourism is reduced to cellar tours, indeed the wine is associated to the French heritage (history, gastronomy,...), but also to all the art forms (music, painting,...).

THE WINE TOURISM or how to discover the wine through the HISTORY: the permanent feature of the wine domains acquired by Bernard Magrez, is that they take us to a journey through the time. In this way at the Chateau Fombrauge, we discover excavations with remnants of the Iron Age, we talk about battles and rebellions... all by walking down the French style garden, which would blow Le Nôtre. What can be said about the wonderful Chateau Pape Clément, and about the life of its sacred eponym, who planted these vines by himself 700 years ago? Regarding my preferred, the Chateau La Tour Carnet, built in the 12th century, is an architectural marvel with its ditches and its drawbridge! We understand better how the wine is integrated to the history and to Bordeaux heritage. During these tours, the wine take a historical dimension and in this way confers it its glory.

Château Pape Clément

THE WINE TOURISM or how to discover the wine through the GASTRONOMY : The dishes and the wine are in essence indivisible; among the innovations, the beehive story is amusing, from the theory of the bees gathering grapes nectar, the idea was to implant beehives in each wine domains and to produce honey from the grape variety, named by the castle. As other original initiatives to sublimate the wines : to pair the wine with the caviar at Chateau Pape Clément or a cooking class at La Tour Carnet... Last, if there is a place where Wine and Gastronomy are one, is at La Grande Maison, a restaurant settled this year with the multi-starred chef Joel Robuchon. The wine menu is exceptional as the dishes savored !

Château La Tour Carnet

THE WINE TOURISM or how to discover the wine through the ARTS : less obvious but meaning, the links between the wine and the art, if we consider the wine as a masterpiece and the wine lovers as aesthetes. Passionated of contemporary art, Bernard Magrez offer to admire some sumptuous masterpieces at the institute at his name, but also in each of his wine propriety. But the Art is also music and we cannot underlying the concerts given at the Chateaux to listen to the sound of the Stradivarius, acquired years ago. Likewise, because wine and literature are closely linked, while a tour at Chateau La Tour Carnet we will enjoy the evocations of Montaigne or of La Boétie.  More modern, we could admire a wonderful collection of vintage cars.

Château Fombruage -  St. Emilion Grand Cru

THE WINE TOURISM or how to discover the wine through the LEISURES : The wine as a celebration, the wine tasting should be a playful activity; this is why various workshops are proposed in the domains, as oenology introduction, or tasting initiation, improvement class, all with the same purpose : that the wine lover enjoy the moment. For even more satisfaction, at the Chateau Pape Clement it is possible to become a wine-maker and to create its own wine : a unforgettable experience!

The reality is that is difficult to list all the activities proposed at the Bernard Magrez proprieties, as he offers a large variety of French “Art de Vivre” through the Wine. Because the wine lover is also a story-telling lover, it is pleased to broaden its prism and to associate other knowledge parts to the simple tasting. Domains overflowing with history and the affirmation of a certain “Art de Vivre” that is the wine tourism conception advocated by Bernard Magrez.

In Bordeaux region, with his 4 proprieties (Fombrauge, Pape Clément, La Tour Carnet et Haut Peyraguey), his restaurant and his museums the offer is varied and from now on the purpose is to create a synergy between all these places. Heritage, History, Music, Gastronomy, Painting, Leisures, Literature... and Wine : all these words are linked and this is how we had to considered the tomorrow's wine tourism.

« Arsène Bacchus»

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