Vinos y Placeres: sharing the pleasure of Mendoza’s wine with the world

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Juan Pablo Candisano started Vinos y Placeres (Wines and Pleasures) in 2009 on the local Canal 7 TV channel in Mendoza, with a regular show exploring the wineries and wine regions of Argentina. Over ten years it has grown to be one of the most watched wine shows in Argentina and is broadcast not only around Argentina but also on other TV channels in Latin America, and is digitally streamed in 150 countries worldwide.

“We are really proud to be able to show the world the great potential and image of Argentine wine,” says Juan Pablo on reflection. “Throughout the years we’ve been able to see and accompany the growth and potential of Mendoza’s wine industry, its wineries, landscapes and stories, as well as the growth of the gastronomy, social events and everything related to this charming world of wine.”

A typical program covers major social and tourism events that have happened in Mendoza that week and looks forward to events to come, as well as profiling wineries, winemakers, chefs, sommeliers and local personalities.

When Vinos y Placeres started in 2009, Mendoza’s wine industry was quite different recalls Juan Pablo. “When we started our programme, the phenomenon of wine tourism was very incipient. Very few wineries had a restaurant, there weren’t many services related to wine nor information. The Uco Valley practically belonged to another continent and no-one ever talked about the regions further away than that!”

Today Mendoza is, of course, one of the great wine capitals in the world with a developed and well-appreciated wine tourism route and industry. Mendoza receives over a million tourists a year, many of whom come to delight in visiting wineries throughout Mendoza’s wine regions and enjoying the great pleasures of being in Argentine wine country.

The experience of these great wines and pleasures of Mendoza is something that Vinos y Placeres continues to share on the screens of wine lovers around the world.


By Amanda Barnes