A visit to Quinta do Pôpa

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This blog post, submitted by Carlos Janeiro, participated in the 2013 Guest bloggers' program.

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End of a sunny and hot summer afternoon in Douro. In that day I had the pleasure to visit a friend. More than a friend, a wine producer from a House in Douro that is constantly giving us wines with superior quality. This time he left me breathless when he took me the top of the Quinta do Pôpa and we look down to Rio Douro.

Over the Douro River

One of the best Douro’s Landscape I ever seen. A living postcard showing all the grace and splendor of Douro’s river. Stéphane showed me Quinta do Pôpa and told me all the history behind it. The meaning of the logo and the name.

The Popa’s future in enoturism and all the potential that this Quinta has on wine and olive oil products and, once again, enoturism. A real bet from the owners.

"Every man has his dream"  (Luis Pato)

"(...) Every man has his dream. Born in Douro region, Zeca do Pôpa, had the dream of owning a Quinta in the best place of the world more antique wine region of the world. He started to buy some small parcels, very usual in the northern Portuguese agriculture structure, and joining them into a single Quinta. Honoring his father, which nickname was “Pôpa”, for the his joy in sharing his life with his friends, it gave his name to this Quinta, built with great enthusiasm and economical effort he honored his father.

That’s the way QUINTA do PÔPA was born, located in the left side of Douro River, on a privileged location and only counting with the best Douro wine qualifications on his side. If in this Quinta was possible to make the best Port Wines, it was the option of his owner to plant it with the best Portuguese grapes varieties, where Tinta Roriz is the predominant one, and Touriga Franca, Tinto Cão, Sousão and, of course, a big percentage of Touriga Nacional. The dream has become reality with the truly enthusiasm that Zeca do Pôpa has putted in this entire journey. (...)”

Luis Pato, in Quinta do Pôpa Site


In these words lies the true meaning of a place that remains on our head for a long time. It’s not easy to forget. I have no doubt that Quinta do Pôpa will be a privilege place to visit in holidays,just for leisure or to taste and drink their wonderful wine and olive oil and to get closer to the Douro culture, food and wine of a region of wonder. Want my advice? Get to know these Quinta and his Wines really fast. Then come back to this post and tell me your experience. I’m sure you’ll agree with me.

The "time" room

Taking a moment of peace