Welcome to the family: the Henschke and Hutton Vale Farm Ultimate Authentic Barossa Experience

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Truth be told, the biggest asset of any region is not its produce or its landscape, it is its people. Those with a multi-generational connection to the land so deep it’s impossible to ignore, nor replicate. In the Eden Valley this is certainly true of founding families Henschke and Angas (of Hutton Vale Farm). Their heart-felt authenticity is contagious and with their new offering, the Ultimate Authentic Barossa Experience, are putting the region on the world stage.

The Ultimate Authentic Barossa Experience, a combined VIP tasting and tour, is intentionally exclusive, offering an intimate experience simply not available elsewhere. You could almost say a ‘money can’t buy’ - but, luckily, in this case you can. Less tour and more like being invited to the family home for lunch with new friends, in fact, that’s exactly what it is. After your private flight direct from Adelaide to the Hutton Vale Farm you’re met by the family and indulged in a private walk through the iconic Hill of Grace vineyard and tasting of their distinguished wines. Then just pop next door to join the Angas family for a generous lunch showcasing the property’s ethically grown produce; lamb, duck, eggs, preserves and wine. Stories from the families’ 145 year bond flow, enveloping you in the simple beauty that is friendship.

Lunch at Hutton Vale Farm

The Angas (Jan and John), with children Stuart and Cait) and Henschke (Stephen, Prue with children Johann, Justine & Andreas), families represent the English and German stories of the Barossa's history, a continuum of the bonds formed at the time of European settlement. Neighbours since the 1860s, a deep connection runs between the families. It was actually John's grandfather, Ronald Angas who planted the iconic Mt Edelstone vineyard, at the beginning of last century, from which the Henschke family sourced their fruit before purchasing the land outright in 1974.

Personal touches are plentiful, guests able to share in the landscape and activities which surround the production of wine. From a visit to the working shearing shed to a spot of fishing, Jan describing this new experience as "the opportunity for immersion in the way we work together and the sense of place. In essence this is about sharing the best of food, family, wine and the land." The generosity of this experience earning the families a win for Innovative Wine Tourism Experience in the Best of Wine Tourism Awards 2018.

Both Justine Henschke and Jan Angas note the importance of making this in-depth distinctly Barossan experience accessible for the tight schedule of the international or interstate visitor. In a first for the Barossa region guests can arrive directly from the Adelaide Airport onboard their private PC-12 aircraft. The breath-taking scenery from the plains of the Barossa Valley to the hills of the Eden Valley just adding to the delight of the day. Of course, guests self-driving or in chauffeured vehicles are equally welcomed.

In short, the Ultimate Authentic Barossa Valley Experience is about providing guests the most authentic, personalised experience in a short period of time. The love for this region shines brightly within both families, from their focus on sustainability to the warmth with which they receive visitors to their home. They are proud of the land their ancestors have nourished over generations and genuinely want to share this with their guests. To experience the warmth, dedication and generosity of Henschke and Hutton Vale Farm is to fall in love with the land yourself.

Henschke and Hutton Vale Farm are located in Eden Valley, part of the greater Barossa region, approximately 90 minutes from the Adelaide CBD. The Ultimate Authentic Barossa Experience is available year-round for private groups of 2-10 people.

Henschke and Hutton Vale Farm are the 2018 regional winners of the Best of Wine Tourism Award in the Innovative Wine Tourism Experiences category.