Casa Valle Viñamar receives Best of Wine Tourism 2020 International Award for Valparaiso | Casablanca Valley

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Within the framework of Annual General Meeting organized by Great Wine Capital, Casa Valle Viñamar receives recognition in Sustainable Wine Tourism Experiences category at  International 2020 Best of Wine Tourism Awards.

Best of Wine Tourism Awards of Great Wine Capitals celebrate innovation and excellence in wine tourism in the ten most important wine regions in the world. This instance offers an opportunity for wineries, restaurants and wine tourism spaces, obtaining recognition for their commitment, excellence and thus sowing precedents for each day in the world of wine tourism, continuing to provide high level experiences.

Ceremony was held during Gala Dinner in Bourdeaux, France and award was received by Mario Agliati, President of Casablanca Winegrowers Association and Representative of Valparaíso Casablanca Valley in Great Wine Capitals. Who in his speech, took the opportunity to thank for the concern expressed by all the countries of network, regarding the current situation in Chile, stressing that "in midst of these intense days for our country, this award brings a joy because It is of great importance that a vineyard belonging to Valparaíso Casablanca Valley has obtained recognition in sustainable practices in wine tourism worldwide, since it reflects that in our Valley there is an awareness, they are executing measures and that everyone who visits the our vineyards facilities can live an experience that talks, incorporates and respects the environment ”.

The need to be protagonists and executors of sustainable practices is urgent, nature and  environment in which we develop requires that we respect it, so that each of our activities developed in harmony with its development. This need transcends all sectors and especially tourism, which daily coexists with the environment and perceives the need today to implement concrete measures for their care and preservation.