Wine Hiking in the "land of 1000 hills"

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There simply seems no cleverer combination than wine and sports! Look at it this way: While sports fans are happy to enjoy both things at the same time, the lazybones among us could see it as an inspiration to do at least some sports. Anyway, exercise is good and wine is even better. Hence, the Rheinhesse has invented two activities in which the region can show itself at its best.

First, there are the wine hiking routes through the beautiful landscapes of Rheinhessen and its hills, which locals lovingly call “Hiwwel” (Hügel, engl. hill, in the vernacular). The nine certified circular routes are the flagship of the Rheinhessen wine region. A diverse range of trails, perfect signage and a variety of places to enjoy and stop for refreshments make every hiker’s heart beat faster - and every wine lover’s heart, too, as the region’s winemakers position themselves along the route to recharge, or better, to reward the hiker’s zest with mouth-watering wine. (

And because the winemakers of Rheinhessen are known for their inventiveness, it is no surprise that they turn wine into a sport just like that. To be more precise they turn the very action of tasting wine into a sport, namely a marathon. The route to be completed runs through the city centre of the wine capital of Mainz and is rather a wine walk than a run. More than 40 wines are offered for tasting for four hours at the wine tasting stands set up along the way. And as a true marathon requires, the wine marathon also ends with an authentic finisher party. The popular “sporting event” is organised by the Mainzer Winzer association, Best Of Wine Tourism Award-Winner 2019 for best Wine Tourism Services. (