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Vendimia is actually an array of events leading to the main celebration. Everything will start this year on February 29th, with the Blessing of the Fruits, when the Archbishop  of Mendoza will bless the grapes and make a toast to the Wine Harvest Queen. Thereafter there will be a show with music and dances. During this religious ceremony God is thanked for the fruits that have been harvested. It is presided by the Archbishop of Mendoza together with the image of the "Patron of the Vineyards", the Virgin of the Carrodilla.
For his part, the Governor of the Mendoza Province carries out an ancient ritual,"the hit against the grates of the plough" which in the past meant the workers' rest.

Some days later, on Friday, March 6th, at night will take place a parade called Vía Blanca (White Way), where decorated carriages take the queens of every department of Mendoza through the streets of the City. On Saturday, March 7th,  in the morning, visitors will enjoy another parade called Carrousel, where the queens on the carriages are accompanied by gauchos, the local cowboys, dressed in their typical outfits and also by members of communities from other countries that live in Mendoza displaying their traditional dresses. Families gather along the streets to see this traditional spectacle.
The same Saturday, during the evening, people will attend  the Central Celebration of the National Harvest Festival at the Frank Romero Day Amphitheater. Every year the celebration has a different name. In 2020 it has been called "Blue Symphony for the New Wine". After the imposing show with more than 1000 artists on stage singing and dancing to tell the history of winemaking in Mendoza, the public will have the chance to witness the election of the National Harvest Queen.

The following days, March 8th and 9th , there will be repetitions of the show plus concerts by renowned musicians.

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