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January 28, 2017 to January 29, 2017

Exceptional, full of taste and very delicious!

Once again you can find the Original Food Festival team in the beautiful location of the Halle 45.
Right at the beginning of 2017 more than 30 booths will sell freshly cooked, baked, smoked or grilled delicacies. Here you are invited to enjoy good and real food in a great atmosphere without paying any entry fee. Fresh buns are baked, the tasty curry dishes smell enticing, sweets are fried and Italian cheese melts above the hot charcoal.
Freshly made right in front of the guests. There is always more to see!

The Original Street Food Festival will take care of culinary diversity. Musical entertainment is also provided. Children can spend their time in a children’s play area as well as with several kids activities.
Start to feast and discover new food. Enjoy the taste!

February 23, 2017 to March 1, 2017

"Fassenacht", or carnival – the famous fifth season and the celebration that out-parties all others. Carnival means wonderful days and all-night parties, dinners in fine halls with political speeches and "Kokolores"(gobbledegook), costumed balls and the huge Rosenmontag parade through the city centre.

Carnival’s origins stretch right back to the 16th century, while the first carnival societies were founded in Mainz in the 19th century.

But carnival is also part of the city’s history – a phenomenon of cultural history that has made this carnival centre famous far beyond the boundaries of the city thanks to the well-known television show "Mainz bleibt Mainz, wie es singt und lacht".

To all events

Hidden at the back of a row of tiny alleys lies the Landhotel Strubel-Roos with its ages old vinery at the side – a truly unique experience of hospitality in the heart of Rheinhessen.

The Bernhard Räder estate - where history, art, hospitality and sustainability come together in Rheinhessen.

Eppard in der 100 Guldenmühle

The award for Sustainable Wine Tourism Practices goes to the Restaurant Eppard in der 100 Guldenmühle at Appenheim. In a picturesque setting, a historic flour mill, over 150 years old, is nestled within a reconstructed old mill complex. At the convergence of no fewer than eight regional hiking and bicycle trails, this restaurant offers local and Mediterranean cuisine to accompany wines from Appenheim and the region. Sustainability and quality are not merely pervasive in the restaurant’s choice of produce, but also in the preservation of the basic building structure and its regional Rheinhessen character. Reason enough for the jury to honor Eva Eppard’s commitment with a Best Of Award.

Strubel-Roos, Landhotel im Klostereck

The award in the category Accommodation is conferred on the Landhotel im Klostereck, run by the Strubel-Roos family of winemakers at Flonheim. This town-center hotel offers great variety through its three different buildings: main building, contemporary new building and historic day laborers’ cottage. Germany’s hotel and restaurant association DEHOGA has certified this 23-bedroom hotel as a 3-Star Superior accommodation, and its affinity towards wine pervades throughout: In the hotel’s Sektlounge (sparkling wine lounge) or Weinbistro (wine bistro) guests may participate in tastings of wines and sparkling wines from the hosts’ own winery, accompanied by daughter Veronika’s homemade cakes and gateaus.

Weingut Pauser

The price for Architecture & Landscape is awarded to the winery Weingut Pauser at Flonheim. The jury was convinced by the comprehensive architectural approach, which does not merely include the main building, wine store and panoramic terrace, but the production and storage facilities as well. The excellent wine store allows for views of the red wine barrique barrels stored behind it. And the restaurant Pausers Quartier creates a contemporary ambience for dining experiences as well as events of any kind and for all the senses.

Weingut Wilmshof

This year’s award for Art & Culture goes to the winery Weingut Wilmshof in Selzen. The winery Weingut Binzel has been family-run for generations and - apart from a commitment to winegrowing and a comprehensive offering of dining experiences centered around wine - is characterized by its holistic approach to the motto “Wein ist Kunst” (wine is art). The dedication to design of art lecturer and master winemaker Tobias Mohr is reflected by the extraordinary wine store and works of art. Lattice boxes that have been converted into wine racks provide the room with highly unusual, innovative aesthetics.


With the award in the category Wine Tourism Restaurants, the jury honored the restaurant Vis-à-Vis in Osthofen for its successful combination of fine regionally inspired cuisine, a comprehensive wine list dominated by wines from Rheinhessen and the tasteful conversion of the cow chapel of a former wine trading house with a homestead. Alongside wines from their own wine estate Spieß, the wine list also features products of other award-wining wineries as well as a selection from winemakers that are friends of the hosts.


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