Plan your wine tour in the coastal city of Porto where you will find a welcoming, charming, and traditional environment. 

Located in northwest Portugal, Porto is a city known for its stately bridges and Port wine production. You will discover over 150 classified monuments, as well as a contemporary and artistically vibrant culture. In and around Porto you can explore the unique character of our famous wines - Port, Douro and Vinho Verde – and eat some of the best fish and seafood in Europe, while you are surrounded by over two thousand years of rich history. 



VINITUR is a complete Destination Management Company providing fine customized programs around wine, food & culture. We have dedicated ourselves to special groups, corporate clients and gourmet & luxury journeys for leisure travelers since 1998. Our innovative approach and unique services include wine, food and culinary itineraries, gourmet experiences, incentives, meetings and conferences.

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