When culinary art meets Italian passion

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Relais & Chateaux Oseleta Restaurant in Villa Cordevigo

30 minutes from Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet, Villa Cordevigo and Vigneti Villabella are also close to the shores of Lake Garda, with its olive and lemon groves. The Cristoforetti-Delibori group’s 5*L hotel Villa Cordevigo and Vigneti Villabella, the Calmasino winery, are in the heart of the Bardolino Classico area’s fertile, morainic hillsides. Vigneti Villabella expresses the full potential of the area, creating unique, authentically typical wines, red, white and rosé, some organic, while operating in an ethically responsible manner, maintaining the balance between man, landscape and nature.

In 2013, the Cristoforetti and Delibori families’ Relais & Chateaux Oseleta Restaurant in Villa Cordevigo and Chef Giuseppe D’Aquino were awarded the much-prized Michelin star.

The vision of food and wine as a work of art outline the true character of “Oseleta” cuisine.

Since 2010 Giuseppe D’Aquino has shared his passion and love for the terroir, its wines, local cooking and the seasons but his professional journey began on the sunny Sorrento coast before he sought adventures abroad to gain professional experience and learn new languages. His first stop in Paris became a 14 year stay. So French basics were a starting point for him and are still easily seen in his cuisine today: respect for techniques and an almost surgical attention for the way things are executed and later developed to meet new demands and requirements.

After leaving France, D’Aquino worked in Los Angeles and San Francisco, USA before going on to the Maldives, finishing in the Golden Tower Beach Hotel in Dubai, where for three and a half years he was Executive Chef.

In 2010 he arrived at Villa Cordevigo where to this day he directs his orchestra of delight, creating dishes rooted in ancient tradition mixed with the innovation of gourmet cuisine.

“The expression of what I am”, these are the words Chef D’Aquino uses to define his cooking, techniques acquired over the years and experiences in various countries mixed with the memories rooted in his Neapolitan origins.

Simplicity, excellence and uniqueness are the three key concepts that sum up his philosophy: the simple marriage of a recipe with the use of ingredients of excellence and perfect pairing with local and international wines. And for this reason, the main characteristic of his dishes is the quest for elements that successfully interact and give life to creations expressing his feelings too. Seasons, the finest ingredients of recognisable provenance are fundamental components, a continuum of meeting of past and future: his roots are inescapable, but his love for Veneto, its produce and its wines, are undeniable.

Borgo Antico Restaurant in Villa Quaranta Tommasi Wine Hotel & SPA

Borgo Antico Restaurant’s elegance, Cantina in Villa’s ancient charm and Bottega del Gusto’s welcoming atmosphere are three special locations to discover the flavors of Verona territory. The wine list, awarded with Wine Spectator’s two glasses award for the fifth year in a row, with more than 1300 labels, completes the food and wine experience that the Tommasi Viticoltori family assures to those who choose the world of Villa Quaranta Tommasi Wine Hotel & SPA.

The kitchen team is led by 47 years old Chef Emanuele Selvi, from Sant'Ambrogio di Valpolicella, one of the 5 municipalities of the Valpolicella Classica region. Valpolicella has always been in his heart: his food preparations amaze for its balance and for being an expression of the territory. He personally selects the ingredients from local farms. Cheeses come from selected Lessinia’s dairy farms with different aging and flavourings of Monte Veronese and Cimbro Cheese. Special cold cuts, such as Vinappeso (ham curedfor months in Amarone and Recioto wines) or others cured with Valpolicella and Amarone wines are also part of the game.

Chef Emanuele Selvi is in love with the wines of his land, he enhances them in his kitchen; examples are the traditional Tommasi Viticoltori Amarone’s Risotto and the 24 months old DOP Parma Ham basket with a heart of red chicory braised in Valpolicella wine, chestnut honey and melting Grana Padano cheese.

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