Let's Celebrate the Harvest Festival in Mendoza

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Born as a popular celebration of the harvest of the wine, the party has its origin in the era of large immigration, when the work of harvesting and making wine was completed, the benefits of nature were appreciated with dancing and singing. On that occasion, the most beautiful of women was chosen and crowned with vine leaves and bunches of grapes. This simple tribute was the inspiring source of the party that relives Mendoza, every year.

Vendimia is the largest national festival in the country and has been celebrated since 1936. Today, the central act of this celebration is an imposing allegorical show with great choreography framed in a display of light and sound that takes place on a 130-meter stage. wide in the Frank Romero Day Greek Theater nestled in the middle of the hills.

On Friday, March 8, from 20, it will be the official presentation of the candidates for the national throne, at the Ángel Bustelo Auditorium. Later, from 10 at night will take place a parade, where decorated carriages take the queens of every district through the streets of the City
On Saturday March 9th , from 9 in the morning, visitors can enjoy the most popular of the harvest events, the Carousel. Through the streets of the City of Mendoza as the night before, Mendoza and tourists can enjoy the music and the dances of this iconic parade.
The same Saturday, but in the evening at the Frank Romero Day Greek Theater, people attend  the Central Act of the National Harvest Festival 2019, that this year’s name is "Weaving in Time of Harvest". After the fantastic show with more than 1000 artists on stage, the public will have the chance to see the election of the National Harvest Queen.  The following days, March 10th and 11th , there will a repetitions of the spectacle plus the show of  renowned artists from Mendoza, the country and the world.