Grape Escape and Wine Aroma Garden – Wine Adventures in Mainz | Rheinhessen

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If you ever wanted to be a spy like Sherlock Holmes or at least just pretend to be one, then there is one spot in Mainz and Rheinhessen you must not miss! The Domhof winery in Guntersblum is just the perfect place to set the setting of Holmes‘ 19th century. In fact parts of the winery even date back to the 12th century.

So one thing is certain: The place breathes history! And this is exactly where the Grape Escape Room got its inspiration from. There is no other fit place for such a unique wine experience than the winery’s red wine cellar. In an authentic setting, groups of two to eight people can slip into the role of wine spies and find the latest gem of wines that the cellar master has well hidden. Yet, the search is no easy task: When the cellar door closes, the timer starts and the group has 60 minutes to solve all the puzzles and codes in order to find the precious Mystery of the Domhof. 

Grape Escape is not only a singular wine experience; the fact that it does not require the players to enter a fictive world – as is usually the case with Escape Rooms – distinguishes the real experience within this realistic environment. This great idea has been rewarded with the Best Of Wine Tourism Award 2019 for „Innovative Wine Tourism Experiences“.

Sensory experiences in  the Wine Aroma Garden

Have you ever wondered about descriptions like „oaky“ or „round“ wine? Sounds like obscure vocabulary. Well, at the Domhof, they wondered too and thought of an idea how to best discern the individual aromas of wine types. With their beautiful Wine Aroma Garden the Domhof winery offers another unique way to experience wine.

Thus, instead of just saying „spicy“, for example, you now could name vanilla or cinnamon, nutmeg or pepper as aromas.

In the Wine Aroma Garden four types of vines, i.e. Pinot noir, Pinot gris, Riesling and Silvaner, grow next to those associated aromas. Thus, a small peach tree, lemon balm, and thyme grow next to the Riesling vine, so that the association can be made by all senses; seeing, smelling, tasting.

At another spot in the garden, you find vanilla (verbena), raspberries, blackberries and violets that surround the Pinot noir vines as these aromas represent the vine.

There is nothing more exciting than discovering the world of wine aromas as the garden fuels the fantasy individually: A wine experience of a whole new kind. As the first Wine Aroma Garden in Rheinhessen in 2010, the Domhof winery won the Best of Winetourism Award in the category „Architecture & Landscape“.