Port Wine - The End ?!

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If you think you will spend an hour sipping the most varied wines, think again, because your task here is much harder: you must help save the Port Wine!

Upon arriving at Porto Exit Games, housed in a building rehabilitated in the Historic Centre, we are welcomed with a warmth so typical of the people from Porto and we are promptly guided to the room where the experience will begin.

Here, the 21st century disappears, and we find ourselves in the 1970’s/1980’s.

A quarter of Douro Valley’s vineyards have been hit by a mysterious insect plague and there is widespread fear among the population that all Port Wine production may be at stake.

For an hour, we get into the skin of a team of private investigators whose task is to find the cause behind this tragedy, find the culprit and save the Port Wine!

For this, it will be necessary to explore the whole scenario, which takes place between various spaces. Each of them offers a variety of clues that, with a team spirit and great insight, lead us to solving the mystery.

There are no spoilers here, we will not tell you much more ...

You really must experience it!

If it's your first time on an escape game, we suggest you start with this experience which is, in fact, the most sought-after at Porto Exit Games.

We already tried and even managed to finish the challenge within the time frame! It's an experience not to be missed!

Wine makes everything better, even the role of being a detective!

Text and photos credits:  Associação de Turismo do Porto. Escape Game courtesy of www.portoexitgames.com