Guided Tour and Chillon Castle Wine Tasting

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The Verrée Vaudoise is available the castle’s Constable’s Dining Room. It will be on display so visitors to Switzerland’s most-visited historical monument can taste the house wine and learn more about regional culinary heritage. Year-round, wine tasting can be offered at the end of a guided tour. The Verrée Vaudoise won first prize  at the Swiss Wine Tourism Awards  in 2017.

Aged and bottled at the castle

Part of the “Lavaux” appellation, the 12.500 m2 Chillon Castle vineyard is spread blissfully along the shores of Lake Geneva, where it enjoys all the benefits of Montreux’s micro-climate. The Clos de Chillon – magnificent Chasselas white wine and Gamaret, Garanoir and Merlot red wine blend – is being aged in barrels in the underground Chillon Castle cellar  and bottled by the renowned Badoux Vins winemakers. This Grand Cru reflects the values  of the Chillon Castle Foundation: tradition, prestige and quality.

Enjoy a unique wine tasting in a custom-fitted private space at the end of a guided tour and discover the castle’s wine and regional gustative heritage. - Group size up to 14 people   or from 15 people - 50- or 80-minute tours - Available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Japanese and Russian.

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