Art and wine for children of Valparaíso Casablanca Valley

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The Contest Painting the Harvest in Valparaíso Casablanca Valley is already a tradition. This instance perfectly combines art, wine, vintage and approach of vineyards to children.

This contest over the years has taken great importance within the town and has established itself as one of the most anticipated activities by the students of municipal schools in the area, since this activity allows each group to visit a winery and later, they have the freedom to be creative and capture in their drawings what they see in the harvest. There is also a category called "Painting Your Barrel" and this is how the school customizes a barrel with characteristic drawings of Casablanca Valley.

Mario Agliati, President of Casablanca Winegrowers Associations , emphasized the great value that these activities have for the community, especially for children, since their creativity is fostered, based on a theme so typical of the area, how is the wine world. He added that these instances will increase, allowing the full inclusion of the community.

The contest is held in conjunction with the Department of Education of the Municipality of Casablanca and is aimed at the inclusion of students from the municipal schools and we also have  participation of children with different abilities, who artistically express through the painting the experience of the Casablanca Valley Harvest, from the maturation of the grape, the harvest, production processes and bottling of our wines.