The Travel Network of Great Wine Capitals is made up of the most experienced Destination Management Companies from the top wine regions around the world. The Travel Network will assist you in booking the most exclusive wine tours in Bilbao Rioja, Bordeaux, Porto, Mainz, Mendoza, and Napa Valley. Make your trip an unforgettable experience with insider access to the best wineries, accommodations, restaurants, and events.

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There’s much to love about South Australia.  It is home to award winning wines, world-class seafood and the freshest local...

Bilbao | Rioja

Located in the northern part of Spain, Bilbao | Rioja is the most important wine region in Spain.


Welcome to Bordeaux, a famous 18th century city surrounded by ancient and prestigious vineyards


Mendoza, Argentina’s wine capital is located in the western central part of Argentina. It is the west door to the country.

Mainz | Rheinhessen

Discover the city of Mainz, a vibrant German wine centre that borders the great wine rivers of the Rhine and the Main.


Discover Porto, a World Heritage City that provided Portugal with both a name and a fortified wine: Port Wine.

San Francisco | Napa Valley

Visit San Francisco and the Napa Valley to discover one of the best wine regions in the world.