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Florence Forzy-Raffard is a well-known personality in the wine and tourism sectors, as well as the worlds of politics and the economy.

Her mission? To promote Bordeaux to the network's 9 sister cities during her travels in France and abroad, as well as to facilitate activities and cooperation programmes in capitals of world-famous wine producing regions. This two year position as goodwill ambassador began on the 1st of July 2017.

A communication specialist with experience in Bordeaux and around the world

Who is she?

Florence Forzy-Raffard has had a full and varied career. Director of Communication at the CIVB Bordeaux Wine Council for nearly two decades, she was also Vice-President of the Bordeaux Tourist Office for several years. In addition, she worked in the Asia-Pacific region for 6 years and then served on the Executive Committee of a Paris-based multinational for 5 years. Florence Forzy-Raffard was elected a municipal councillor of the City of Bordeaux in 2014 with special duties involving European affairs and international economic concerns.

Developing awareness of the Great Wine Capitals Global Network

The mission of Great Wine Capitals ambassadors is to donate their time to the network and its members, and to promote relations between cities at direct meetings and via social networks. Ambassadors are also regularly contacted by members to discuss new opportunities for developing the network.