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Guidelines for requesting a link exchange

  1. Site requesting a link must have content related to the activities of the Great Wine Capitals Website (wine, tourism, wine education etc).
  2. Site requesting a link must reciprocate.
  3. Site requesting a link should not be of a competitive nature in a broad sense and must appear bona fide (ie. have contact information, email address etc).
  4. Site requesting a link will be judged on quality, content, recency and consistency of their site.
  5. The site requesting a link should provide a service of interest to GWC visitors and/or access to additional, relevant information in addition to what is on the GWC site.
  6. The website must be in English or have an English language version

Where you place our link will also affect our acceptance of a link exchange

The page where our link appears on your website must:

  1. 1. Be indexed by Google i.e. appears in Google's cache 
  2. 2. Have less than 50 other outgoing links on that pagee
  3. 3. Be thematically related to Great Wine Capitals e.g. wine or tourism
  4. 4. Not have links to "bad neighbourhoods" e.g. porn, dating, viagra, pharmeceuticals
  5. 5. Be accessible in no more than 3 clicks from the home page 

Please place our link on your website using the following code and description, and then use the form below to request a link from us to you:


<a href="">Great Wine Capitals Global Network</a><br>

The Network is made up of ten major cities located in internationally renowned wine-producing areas throughout the world. The website gives information on each of the member cities, with links to essential organisations in wine, travel, education and business. It also gives you all necessary information about the Best Of Wine Tourism award winners and about the Great Wine Capitals Travel Network.

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