Nov 09, 2021

Global Sustainability Survey for Wine Tourism

Geisenheim University and invite you to participate in a Global Sustainability Survey for Wine Tourism. As the pandemic slowly recedes, other issues are coming into focus for wine tourism. Sustainability is one such topic.

The Great Wine Capitals Global Network supports the new Global Sustainability Survey for Wine Tourism survey led by in partnership Prof. Dr. Gergely Szolnoki and his team at the Wine Business Programme of Geisenheim University in Germany. The objective is to understand more about the importance of sustainability in global wine tourism.

We ask you for your help to gather information from as many wineries as possible for this study. The survey will take no more than 5-7 minutes to fill out.

With more wineries participating, stronger conclusions from the survey will be reached!

Follow this link to take part in the survey: Sustainable Wine Tourism Survey 2021

The survey is open and active during the whole month of November. The results will be unveiled during a webinar to take place on January 25th, 2022. Stay tuned!