Apr 12, 2022

Green Wine Future 2022

Great Wine Capitals has signed a Strategic Partner agreement to support Green Wine Future 2022 as a major international wine & sustainability conference. Wine’s most influential names will gather in May 23-26, 2022 to share their knowledge and experiences.

To address critical topics of sustainability, climate crisis, biodiversity, wine tourism, regenerative viticulture, carbon amelioration, hydric resources, energy efficiency, and truly green business opportunities Chrand Events has created Green Wine Future as the culmination of its Climate Change & Wine and Wine Future conferences. The most ambitious environmental conference ever organized for the wine community will launch as a fully online gathering May 23-26, 2022. Broadcast in four languages simultaneously (English, Spanish, French, Italian) from 8 different parts of the planet in their respective time zones: USA, Chile, Portugal, Spain, France, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

In 2006, Chrand Events pioneered the world’s first international conference on Climate Change and Wine, and the first event examining the impacts of the climate crisis upon any one industry. Since that edition in Spain, Chrand Events has organized numerous other international conferences in Hong Kong, Portugal and other parts of the world featuring the most influential names of the wine industry and such visionary global leaders as US President Barack Obama, Nobel Laureate Al Gore, and UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan amongst many others.

“Green Wine Future will share with wine professionals innumerable, valuable aspects of how their peers are addressing sustainability issues in creating solutions to problems in the vineyard, winery, supply and sales streams,” says David Furer, host, and co-organizer of Green Wine Future.

In response to current world conditions the premiere edition of Green Wine Future Chrand will offer a totally new way to attend a conference and for speakers to present their information, a hands-on and practical approach through video footage, documentaries, and live broadcasts. Live broadcast from vineyards, footage from innovative solutions to the climate crisis, interactive documentaries specially recorded for the event are just a few highlights of GWF. This virtual technology will allow wineries and wine companies to be present at the GWF Virtual Expo, showcasing their wines, products, and services. The innovative technology will also allow delegates, speakers, and exhibitors to network virtually for a period of 2 weeks prior to the conference.

The discussion for organizing a virtual conference instead of as a hybrid or in person event was driven by the pandemic but mostly to make the event as carbon efficient as possible. “Virtual conferences and trade shows are one of the most environmentally friendly ways to organize events because it reduces considerably the carbon footprint of the organizers, speakers, delegates and sponsors but also it is much more cost effective”, declared Pancho Campo, founder of the Wine Future events.

GWF also announces the addition of “Wine for the Planet” or W4P which will showcase the wine industry’s work in protecting areas of the Earth most sensitive to the climate crisis, including: 1. Antarctica, Greenland, the Arctic; 2. Coral reefs in different parts of our planet; 3. The Amazon and other rainforests; 4. Countries already suffering from water shortages and floods

Based on documentaries recorded and presented by W4P founder Pancho Campo and his team from the above listed regions, W4P will stream free globally during regular breaks of Green Wine Future. Those interested, may view the films through Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, where the team will highlight wine tastings in Greenland, Iceland, Antarctica, the Amazon, and the Great Coral Reef.

“We expect more than 100 speakers from all over the world to show what initiatives are being implemented at all levels of the industry, and thanks to the latest digital technology and our marketing strategy our goal is to unite the international trade around the most worrying issue affecting our society and our industry” declared Michael Wangbickler, President of Balzac Communications & Marketing, co-organizer of GWF22.

The event has obtained the support of many key wine organizations and allies including the OIV, Wine Institute of California, Napa Valley Vintners, Interprofesional del Vino de España, Barossa Australia, Wines of Chile, Wines of Portugal, the Porto Protocol Foundation and the United Nations.

All the information regarding speakers and program, as well as for the program Wine for the Planet is available at

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Green Wine Future has also announced the launch of a 30-minutes weekly podcast, a series that will address critical topics of sustainability, climate crisis, biodiversity, wine tourism, regenerative viticulture, carbon amelioration, hydric resources, energy efficiency, and truly green business opportunities.

The Green Wine Future 2022 podcast is available at and all major podcasting platforms!


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