Jan 28, 2022

Sustainable Wine Tourism Survey

Wine tourism has been an important part of the wine industry for decades. It helps generate income while preserving and developing the cultural heritage of a wine region. Wine tourism could therefore be the key element for the sustainable development of wine regions worldwide. To gather reliable information on this topic, WineTourism.com together with Hochschule Geisenheim University conducted a global online survey with 1,579 wineries from more than 40 countries. Data collection took place in November 2021.

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The results of the survey clearly show that sustainability has arrived in the wine industry, but also in wine tourism, and will certainly play a major role in the future. As partners of the survey, the Great Wine Capitals Global Network is glad that there has been a high number of participants, which reflects the major interest in this topic.

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Key findings of the survey

1. Sustainability plays a critical role for the wineries;
2. Wineries evaluate the overlap between sustainable wine production and sustainable wine tourism very heterogeneously – but the overall overlap appears to be relatively small.
3. For the wineries, the environmental dimension of sustainability is slightly more important than the economic and social aspects.
4. Among the measures that wineries plan to implement, using energy carefully, developing a long-term strategy for the company and collaborating with regional companies/actors are the most important.
5. Recently, 62% of the wineries stated that sustainable practices in wine tourism are essential for visitors; however, 87 % of wineries say it will become significantly more important in 5 years.


93% of all wineries that participated in the survey stated that sustainability in wine tourism is important or very important. The importance of sustainability is rated highest in Chile (4.8). This result is significantly higher compared to the countries Germany and Hungary.


According to the respondents, the environment is the most important pillar of sustainable wine tourism, at 40% of the given answers. The importance of the social and economic pillars is rated similarly, at 29 and 31% respectively.



The main drivers for sustainable wine tourism are to build trust and reputation(57%), to increase visitor satisfaction(55%) and to make the world to a better place (55%).The main barriers for sustainable wine tourism are lack of financial resources(48%), lack of human resources (35%) and lack of infrastructure(35%).


Online webinar

On January 25, WineTourism.com and Geisenheim University hosted an online webinar, where we presented the findings of the survey. We would like to thank all the participants for attending and the discussions initiated.

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