Best Instagram photos of Lausanne vineyards

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Lausanne and the surrounding area are bursting with vines and magnificent locations caressing the banks of Lake Geneva, all perfect Instagram opportunities. The Dukes of Burgundy, who had previously moved to the region, left it some architectural treasures such as enclosed fields, churches, estates and manor houses. The most beautiful gift was most likely granted by the Cistercian monks, who invested in vines and helped to identify terroirs and demarcate certain plots of land, the walls of which can still be seen today in the neighbouring vineyards of La Côte, Lavaux and Chablais AOC. The entire wider region lends itself very well to photography and it is rare for estate tastings not to be paired with lakeside panoramas, as most of the wineries face due south!
La Côte region contains a multitude of charming little villages such as Féchy, a historic winegrowing location known for its attractive terroir. Domaine La Colombe, one of the village’s key estates, seems to be welcoming photoshoots, such as this sunny autumnal day among the vines. Online reactions are immediate. The estate’s first plots of vines were bought by Jules Paccot, the son of a seasonal worker from Savoy and the grandfather of current winemaker Raymond, who works alongside his daughter Laura. Their biodynamic vine cultivation and desire to enhance the terroir without any trickery have made it an estate not to miss and one worth following online.

Lavaux is likely one of the most popular regions on Instagram accounts. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this region impresses with its unusual panoramas combining steep and terraced vines with Europe’s largest lake surrounded by high mountain peaks, including Mont Blanc.
The Massy estate, a flagship for the region, is one of the most active on Instagram and offers fantastic shots (such as the one below) from its vineyards in the picturesque little Lavaux village of Epesses. This family estate has been passing on the vine torch for many generations and is known for its fine wine, particularly its Dézaley Grand Cru Chemin de Fer, a top-quality, gourmet Chasselas which improves with age and offers impressive potential for laying down. Father of the family Luc Massy is now flanked by his two sons Grégory and Benjamin, who are gradually taking the reins.


In a more continental position at the mouth of the Rhone, the Chablais region offers sophisticated, high-quality wines. Rocky surroundings are paired with terraced vines around the iconic village of Yvorne, opening out onto Lake Geneva to the west. The pretty village of Aigle is a popular destination with international tourists, offering an idyllic setting with its magnificent chateau, seen in the photo below. This medieval building was converted into a vine and wine museum and offers a variety of exhibitions including one displaying wine labels over the ages. It also hosts the tasting for the Mondial du Chasselas, the first blind-tasted professional competition for Chasselas-based wines from all over the world.