Hotel Weingold in Guntersblum charms its guests with regional wine cuisine in historic setting. The entrance leads from a small street underneath an ages old gate into the yard. Martin Luther stayed here, they say, maybe in 1521 on his way to the emperor's parliament in Worms. The small village of Guntersblum with its old half-timbered houses is only twenty kilometers down the Rhine valley from the dome city.

The Sweet Spot.

The area of Sauternes is beautiful, often swathed in the legendary early morning mists, responsible for the noble rot and adding to the romantic atmosphere. Amongst the rolling hillsides of vines there is a wealth of wonderful architecture, witness to the prosperous past of the region and the success of these fine wines.

This is the wine that Martin Luther loved, a rather strong white wine with full body and full of ripeness – the yellow golden Malvasia is one of the oldest and most historic grape varieties. " It was the Menger family who saved that historic grape variety for cultivation in Germany – by far not the only reason for the Best of Wine Tourism Award 2020.

The strapline of the Vignerons de Tutiac is 'Tout Bordeaux' or 'All of Bordeaux'. It is a very appropriate description of this leading cooperative winery.


Santa Julia represents our commitment to achieve the highest quality levels by sustainable practices that contribute to protecting the environment and being useful to the community.

Santa Julia is the top organic producer of Argentina. We own more than 700 hectares located in different areas of Mendoza: Valle de Uco, Santa Rosa and Maipú.

MendrisiottoTerroir offers a personal experience for everyone, couples, families, small groups usually up to 16 people.

It offers standard and tailor-made routes, depending on the season and availability as well as special programs, linked to special events.

Wine making is an art. Each bottle of wine tells a story, and through it we can understand a terroir, its culture and its people.

Sofía Ruiz Cavanagh´s, Wineobs founder and director, pursuit to know all those stories led her to discover every corner, each maker and each soul anxious to capture the expression of the place in their wine, and to transform the visit to their winery into a memorable experience.

The red slopes (Roter Hang) of Nierstein are one of the most spectacular vineyard sites of Rheinhessen: The steep slopes drop right into the Rhine River. The wines that grow here belong to the highest quality products of all German wines. And right through them, Michael Voß steers his bright-blue truck with its cute round front and the big platform behind, loaded with wines and champagnes and delicacies.

Come on to the Region of Lausanne Great Wine Capitals and visit the beautiful town of Sion, in the heart of Swiss Alps, with the concept "Sion & Wine Tour"!

With 160 years of existence, Quinta da Avessada still keeps alive the old traditions and legacy of the ancestors, conveying it, however, with a twist of modernity.

It was the first Quinta (wine producing farm) in the region to plant a Moscatel Galego (Muscat) grape variety and, consequently, to produce the famous Moscatel de Favaios, named after the small village where it is located, right in the heart of the Douro region.


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