2016 Great Wine Capitals Annual General Meeting will take place in Porto

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In addition to the programmed working sessions and activities for delegates, special note is made of the following events:

- International Wine and Nature Conference, 7 November, from 9h00 to 12h30, Almeida Garrett Library, Porto
- International Wine Tasting, 8 November, 20h00, The Yeatman Hotel, Vila Nova de Gaia
- Technical visits to the Douro and Vinho Verde winemaking regions, 9 November
- Best of Wine Tourism International Awards Gala Dinner, 10 November, 20h00, São Bento da Vitória Monastery, Porto.

About the Intenational Wine and Nature Conference:
Socially responsible attitudes and sustainable environmental practices in production are more and more examined by consumers and opinion leaders. Promotion of biodiversity and the consequences of climate changes have drawn attention to the new challenges that we today and future generations will have to face. This event, by bringing specialists in the sector and from the nine finest winemaking regions worldwide to Porto for the Conference on Wine and Nature, provides an unquestionable opportunity for meeting with professionals, consumers, researchers and the community as a whole.

For more information click on http://www.wineandnatureporto2016.com/speakers.php