Bordeaux Best Of Wine Tourism award winners are...

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Every year, the BEST OF WINE TOURISM competition rewards the most outstanding wine tourism locations. Launched in Bordeaux in 2002, the competition includes an international stage thanks to the Great Wine Capitals Global Network* which includes from “Old Europe” and the “New World”.


ARCHITECTURE AND LANDSCAPES (GOLD), Château de Ferrand (Saint-Emilion)

Château de Ferrand is a magnificent 17th century estate. The charm of this property, boasting a stunning panoramic view over the Dordogne valley, the elegant architecture, its beautifully preserved environment, and the historic caves, famous since the reign of Louis XIV, give the estate its unique character. In 300 years the Château has belonged to just two families. Nobody can resist the fascination of such harmony, where the ancient and the modern are comfortably merged. Tastings are warmly presented by the sommelier and held in a modern room and barrel cellar designed by Arnaldo Tranti, a famous designer. Ferrand is a rare and authentic venue, today unveiled and accessible.

Nominees in this category: Château de Portets, Château La Rivière, Château Paveil de Luze

ART AND CULTURE (GOLD): Château Siran (Margaux)

For all the art and wine enthusiasts, a visit of Château Siran is an obvious choice! It was owned by the Toulouse Lautrec family until 1858 ...Its exceptional “Collections Cellar” takes the guests on a voyage through time from Antiquity to the 19th century: an amazing venue hosting a unique family collection with more than 300 wine-related pieces of art: plates produced by Vieillard, greek and Gallo-Roman amphoras, pitcher Jacquot, Bacchus, as well as an 18th century tapestry “Burgundy harvest”. A rich artistic and architectural heritage to discover with the “Wine Lover Tour”. A real feast for the eyes, as well as the palate from the Château's cellar.

Nominees in this category:Château d’Arsac, Château Bélingard


Fancy an unusual visit? Ideally situated at the doorstep of Margaux, Château Marquis de Terme embarks visitors on an ampelographic bike tour through the vineyard: a ride with a guide through the different parcels of the château to better understand all the characteristics of Margaux’s terroir and biotope. Why do you plant on these parcels? Why are we planting those specific grapes? After a 10km ride through the vines, visitors will think differently about the appellation Margaux, especially when accompanied by local sweet delicacies... And to top it all, why not conclude the visit with an “Apero au Château” combining tapas and Grand Cru Classé...

Nominees in this category: Château de Cérons

ACCOMMODATION (GOLD): Château Feely (Bergerac)

One hour away from Bordeaux, in the beautiful setting of an organic and biodynamic vineyard overlooking the Dordogne Valley, Château Feely offers 2 luxury eco-conscious cottages dating from the 18th century. The ideal place for a nature-rich holiday. A strong ecological spirit guided the restoration of the Wine Lodge and the Wine Cottage, with a special care given to every detail : use of natural lighting, noble material, organic paint...Fully in tune with this philosophy, guests never forget to give the organic waste to their feathered friends...

Nominees in this category: Château du Payre, Château Siaurac

WINE TOURIM RESTAURANTS (GOLD): Château d’Agassac (Haut Médoc)

Situated inside the magical setting of Château d’Agassac, the restaurant La Table d’Agassac opened its doors in June 2015. In a chic and relaxed atmosphere, guests enjoy a  bistronomic cuisine served in the The Renaissance style reception rooms of the Château or on the beautiful terrace overlooking the moat. This “wine restaurant” is runned by Giovanni Curcio, a famous international sommelier who aims to build a strong gastronomic identity around wine. The concept? A “surprise”menus that changes daily with the season and expertly prepared wine & food pairings.

Nominees in this category: Château La Dominique, Château Léognan

SUSTAINABLE WINE TOURISM PRACTICES (GOLD): Château Fourcas Hosten (Listrac Médoc)

Since 2011, Château Fourcas Hosten is engaged in the process of obtaining the « SME » environmental certification, which aims at controlling and minimising our impacts on the environment.  An eco-responsible behaviour shared by all members of staff, both in the vineyard and in the chai : 100% of white grape vines worked in an organic way, selective sorting, recycling of raw materials (stems, skins, seeds), optical sorting and temperature-controlled concrete vats. A commitment also shared with visitors through simple and fun educational visuals. Dedicated to the dynamics of progress, the estate is keen to produce wines that are respectful toward the environment and the consumer.

Nominees in this category: Château Dauzac, Château Guiraud

WINE TOURISM SERVICES (GOLD): Château Soutard (Saint Emilion)

Château Soutard offers all year long a collection of “à la carte” visits, enabling visitors to take their time and fully absorb the magic of the place: become a winemaker for a few hours,  follow a gastronomical recipe with the Chef that will match the finest wine, biking tour in the vineyard or even discover the unique UNESCO heritage of Saint-Emilion. The spectacular winery, the barrel cellars and the orangery are must-do visits. The Château is also a perfect setting for hosting corporate events such as seminars.

Nominees in this category: Château Fombrauge, Maison des vins des Côtes de Bourg

A special prize was also awarded to Château Cantenac (Saint Emilion) to highlight its particular sense of hospitality!
The visits there, punctuated by fascinating personal stories, are authentic, convivial and passionate. Art and music lovers, take note: the château regularly hosts art exhibitions and talented musicians; This Saint-Emilion Grand Cru certainly lives up to its name, a lovely story of shared passion and an absolute “must visit”!

Outstanding facts from the 2017 competition in Bordeaux

Over 80 entries were received for the 2017 competition in Bordeaux, a third of them from first-time applicants.

The international jury that met during the Great Wine Capitals Global Network AGM last week in Porto, sacred Château Marquis de Terme as the Global winner for Bordeaux in 2017.

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