Meet One of the Artists from the Auberge du Soleil Sculpture Garden

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In the Napa Valley, art and wine go hand-in-hand. Art galleries and special installations at wineries and public spaces are prevalent throughout the valley. One of the most comprehensive outdoor sculpture gardens can be found at Auberge du Soleil, 2017 Best of winner for Arts & Culture.

The Auberge du Soleil Sculpture gallery is owned by ÆRENA Galleries & Gardens and is open to guests of Auberge or by appointment.

One of the artists featured in the expansive garden is California born, sculptor Matt Gil. His work has been widely exhibited throughout California since 1977. His sophisticated, subtle metal works are highly technical, refined and his use of color and negative space are bold surprises. 

"The more I visualize the mood or the feeling of a particular piece, as well as the process of constructing a new piece, the easier it is to build. Sometimes it feels like the pieces build themselves. My sculpture-building process is like planning a trip, first I'm going here then I'm going there. If I get a bit lost I look at the drawing/map and I get back on track. Building sculptures has now become more and more entertaining for me with each and every piece, and I enjoy it when one piece generates many spin-offs. The time and place I grew up is reflected in my work. Each piece has called to me and jumped off the page of the sketchbook as if it was real and wanted to be in the world. All my sculptor heroes call out to me and say build this one, or build that one, or this piece needs more work and thought before you can make it. Or maybe draw this one again and see that it has soul. Build it and give it a soul so that it will survive and live beyond me."

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