Phifer Pavitt Winery - Eco Friendly & Fun

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Phifer Pavitt Winery is one of the few Green Certified Wineries in the county of Napa. Phifer Pavitt Winey has crafted a unique and world-class environmentally friendly winery creating world class Cabernet. With every inch of the winery reclaimed, from hog wire chandeliers to Wyoming Snow Fence, this winery focuses on making sure our commitment to mother nature stands out. With a hospitality adage of, "Enter as Strangers, leave as Friends," Phifer Pavitt Winery is a place you'll never forget. The winery was recently given a ‘Best Of Wine Tourism’ award for sustainability by the Great Wine Capitals Global Network.

Phifer Pavitt Winery is dedicated to the second and third use of products that have allowed us to create a one of a kind location. From water control, to O3 machines, to a completely reclaimed barn, Phifer Pavitt Winery's decision making is always thinking about how to reuse or minimize.

Located in Calistoga in the Napa Valley, tastings at the winery are by appointment only. Guests should reach out in advance to book one of the Eco Tour and Tastings and sample their signature Cabernet Sauvignon “Date Night.”

The history of Date Night is best told by the owners:

“Every big decision we ever made together was on our once a week “Date Night”. The should-I-take-that-job decision happened on Date Night. The let’s-make-babies decision happened on Date Night. And the decision to put an offer on what would become the Phifer Pavitt property happened on Date Night. From our perspective, every decision we made together on Date Night gave us results that exceeded our expectations. So it should come as no surprise that the decision to make Phifer Pavitt Date Night Wine happened on Date Night. We fully believe that the enjoyment of the night led us to making the best decision. So this is our offer to you…cherish those moments together, because life doesn’t come with a pause button. Date Night is not just our wine, it’s a way of life.”